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This bottle is very delicate, I dropped it on the first use and it got severely damaged, it was beautiful and now it’s ugly. I guess the lesson is: don’t drop it.
had the same thing happen... I am tough on some of my gear...
Love or hate this bottle, that's up to you. But if you want a laugh, Amazon Australia has this bottle listed at $487!!!
Now I'm a gear rat but I think I'll sit this one out. 🤣
Not sure why everyone wants to put this water bottle on blast.
Some of us just don’t want toxic plastic, aluminum or other impurities that aren’t human compatable, The only other safe or safer options are glass or stainless steel. Do your own research about what you are putting into your body.
Either you want it or you don’t. If you appreciate this sort of thing, Go for it it’s way more durable than the Vargo’s Titanium 750 bottle. However I still like them both. Yes it’s single walled No it’s not meant for ultra- light, It is meant to be damn tough. Beats the hell out of drinking from a military canteen or hydration pack that Leach their own flavors into the water. I could give a damn about what other opinions are over price or material. I like what I like.If you don’t like the asking price move along and find what suits you.
Amazon: $94.83
MD: $118.74
Will this thing keep hot drinks for a while?
I don't think this bottle is double-walled so the answer would be, no, not as well as other options. I'd say the draw of this bottle is for those counting ounces and the ability to put it directly in a fire to boil water.
you mass peeps should have started this drop after tax season, more disposable income such braggadocios purchases.

but... in defense of the price there is more that goes into production of this than say a 700 ml cookpot which has a simple flat top. they can cost 60 + dollars. so although expensive look around at the market and other Vargo branded ti products. and the lid looks rather robust.
No way.
I do a lot of hiking/backwoods camping and while I appreciate the need for durable, lightweight gear: why wouldn't you just use a plastic Smart Water bottle or something similar? You just can't get anything lighter than a plastic water bottles, and I've never had an issue with durability. A $114 titanium water bottle just seems like ridiculously extravagant overkill. You can't even cook anything in it.

Well, I'm sure you could cook in it, but if you're spending $114 on a titanium water bottle, you most certainly already have a titanium cook pot, which I'd wager cost you significantly less.
Priorities man, some people just don't seem to have them. I really need to consider making a tactical titanium business.
This totally sucks! I literally just bought 3 of these from Amazon. Theyre in the mail as we speak. You know what they say - right after you buy something you'll find it for less somewhere else.
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Why not return them? I pretty much live on the road most of the time. So what I carry in my truck is my real day to day survival in a sense. For convenience I have my packages sent to a friend's house, and I pick them up later. So returning things is a bit of a hassle for me. It's often easier to just bite the loss and move on.
Ah, yeah that's a good reason.
I bought this bottle to take with me into remote parts of australia for the work I do. Sub freezing, boiling desert, rock and mulga country, you name it, it's been through it with me, It has been through a lot, dropped into crevices, bouncing around car, and constantly dropped onto ground. It's thickness makes it bombproof and the water in it never tastes tainted. I've used nalgene and kleen lantern. Both are great. This is better. This is the toughest, best water bottle I've owned that I never think twice about breaking, leaking or foul taste.

As for lightness, put your water in a plastic bag if it concerns you so much.
A water bottle isn't the only use for this thing. Some of us like to drink more bourbon than you can fit in a normal-sized flask.
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Who needs a bottle like that?
i feel like i might. but i am trying to resist.
Lots of negativity! Expensive: yes, luxury item: yes, unique: yes!
I've gone through 3 nalgenes in 5 years, can't boil in them (safely), leech dioxins, ultimately pollute the planet with at least a few over the course of a lifetime of outdoor recreation. No disrespect, nalgenes are excellent, but if you plan on using this for many years and care about some less immediate benefits like longevity, ability to boil in emergencies (or when you want your coffee while the eggs fry), chemical leeching, etc, then this item has a lot of value. You just have to pay up front and reap the value over the course of many years.
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You claimed the Nalgene products, of which the primary containers used, is those made of Tritan. You mentioned "nalgenes" and "leech dioxins" in the first sentence of the second paragraph, so I researched Tritan decompositions and the resulting materials/products. You specifically mentioned "nalgene" and "chemical leeching" in the very same sentence and from that I researched Tritan.

You never once mentioned other plastics, those that claim "BPA or BPS analog free", etc.

Your first set of statements are misleading and therefore contain misinformation....moreso via the later cited articles. This is analagous to saying that our bodies break down food and produces methane, and that methane can an agent of action in suffocation/asphyxiation/pneumonia in humans, 'greenhouse effect', and is even flammable, that we should ingest food of any type.

These misleading and often hyperbolic statements are what people latch onto....they love buzzwords....which you used.

I'm glad you're amenable to learning/researching....but you shouldn't make strong statements about subjects you haven't researched, or use "card stacking" when you do some research, just to show a 'good hand' to make your point.

Seems like you should do more research. This study very clearly shows EA with Tritan and other BPA-free polymers, and that's just one of the very first ones I found with a quick google. There are others.