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Just my 2 cents, I have this bottle since 2015 and I can recommend it without reservation.

I use it every day without exception, I fill it usually twice a day from my water filtering system, and I carry it with me everywhere, in a backpack, messenger bag, car, in a rucksack to forest hike or snowmobile ride. It fits in the largest pockets of my winter parka. The bottle has gone through a lot, and shows no sign of real wear.

I truly expect it to last my lifetime, maybe need to replace the silicon seal one day, probably because I will loose it after cleaning the bottle. I also have Klean Kanteen bottles, 27 and 64 oz, I like them a lot, but if I had to leave the Vargo 650ml bottle home, I would take my Vargo Bot 900ml rather than the Klean Kanteen 27oz. The KK27 is clearly heavier and bulkier, also top heavy, therefore slightly more likely to tip over.

If I only carried it once in a while, the weight difference would not necessarily justify the price difference. But as a daily use item it is absolutely worth it for me, I am very happy with my purchase!

I just weighed one of my generic Nalgenes.: 3.8 ounces (vs. 4.1 ounces)
Its capacity is greater than 900 ml. (vs. 550 ml.)
I paid $4.49 US at The Container Store.
Titanium is cool and all, but really?
$55 water bottle L O L
the vargo parabottle titanium costs even more lmao
Please confirm that this is the Vargo bottle with the titanium top.
jlangsdorf chugger Sorry for the confusion. This drop is for the titanium water bottle with the titanium top. Thanks for flagging!
This is the $84.95 bottle right?

The $69.95 bottle has a plastic cap:
I understand (wikipedia) that titanium alloy has a thermal conductivity of 5.8 W/mK vs stainless steel at around 20 W/mK... I am trying to justify spending $90 CAD on a waterbottle here... so help me out... :) Does this matter in practice with a titanium alloy bottle such as the Vargo? Otherwise I see no great benefit to the Ti alloy and cost. Granted the Ti bottle is 1/2 the weight saving around 100-150g. However compared to the water it carries, this is not significant. In terms of objective benefits the only other benefit I can see is possibly thermal conductivity, the ability to keep the liquid either cool or warm longer compared to stainless steel? considering the thin wall of water bottles, I'd like to know if this is a significant enough benefit of Ti over steel to be worth the additional cost of 2x-3x. thanks.
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Titanium actually has a very slightly higher specific heat than stainless steel, requiring more energy to raise its temperature. The thermal conductivity refers to how fast it conducts heat, so titanium would conduct much slower. If the fluid in the titanium changes temperature faster, it is due to it being substantially thinner.
It really depends on how thin the titanium is compared to the stainless steel bottle. Any plain single wall water bottle is so thin that it would not insulate well at all, with a slight edge going to the titanium only if it is the same thickness as the steel bottle.
In case anyone is wondering, it's made of TITANIUM.
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According to Vargo's FAQ on their website, they use pure titanium (so likely grade 1, nothing is chemically 100%). Are you sure that titanium alloys are cheaper to machine though? The primary purpose of alloying titanium is to make it stronger and harder, which generally causes more heat and greater tool wear during machining. Pure titanium has excellent corrosion resistance and biocompatibility, but that's about it's only advantage over Ti alloys.
According to Vargo's FAQ on their website it's pure titanium and not an alloy
Does anybody know if I can put this bottle in a camp fire? (without the lid, of course...)
I have this bottle and yes you can. I often throw this in a campfire to heat water for tea. I also added some wire around the neck to hang over a fire.
Good tough little bottle.
Thanks a lot!
Dang, only 22oz capacity? I'd be all over this if there was a 36oz, or even better, 48oz version.
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At amazon ca heres 1 at 32 oz but its a whopping $353.18⁉️ At it wld B cheaper or quite a bit Cheaper; if they have them...
Also it is 154.90 on
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