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Vargo V3 Pocket Cleats

Vargo V3 Pocket Cleats

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Lightweight, Packable Cleats

Whether you’re hiking an icy slope or running up a muddy trail, the Vargo V3 pocket cleats provide traction when you need it most. Using TPU-coated nylon webbing and Duraflex quick-release cords, the cleats can be quickly attached to a variety of running shoes. The unique tie-in design creates a secure and adjustable fit, while lateral stability brackets prevent side-to-side movement. Finally, the nylon carrying case allows you to fold the cleats up and store them in a pocket or backpack when not in use.

Note: At checkout, choose the titanium cleats (base price) or stainless steel cleats (- $10).

Vargo V3 Pocket Cleats
Vargo V3 Pocket Cleats
Vargo V3 Pocket Cleats
Vargo V3 Pocket Cleats
Vargo V3 Pocket Cleats


From L to R: Option #1 is best for average to larger shoes, Option #2 is best for smaller shoes, and Option #3 is the minimal option.

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  • Vargo
  • TPU-coated nylon webbing
  • Duraflex quick-release cord locks
  • 12mm reflective nylon cord
  • Lateral stability brackets and reverse cleats
  • One size fits all
  • Weight, each titanium cleat: 2.4 oz (69 g)
  • Weight, each stainless steel cleat: 3 oz (87 g)


  • Nylon carrying case


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