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Varmilo VA108 Fullsize Keyboard

Varmilo VA108 Fullsize Keyboard

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I can't seem to find any info on wether or not I'll be able to choose nordic layout? Can any help me out here?
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alright, do you have discord? we can talk through there and btw where are u from?
I sure do, s4dpanda#6583 on disc - I'm from Denmark
can anyone provide pics of this item ? like the ones that got them beforehand ?
Are these light gray or dark gray dye sub keycaps? And is the black case have that fake woodgrain color?
I'd like to join this drop but would like some clarification before I do.
Are there any photos available of the optional grey dye sub keycaps?
What is the case made of?
I want this, but I want it wireless... I have the VB87M but it's not full size. I love my numpad man. It so hard to find a wireless, full-size, white, mechanical one... That's pretty. And this keyboard still shows white as the only light option.
is the black/grey case the wood texture or a solid smooth plastic type. also can we get more options on the led's? why only white?
Agree! No one is reading these comments. No one wants a goofy-looking, fake woodgrain case. It's like the Comic Sans logo. It doesn't look good. Lose it.

Yes, we need more LED options.

I might bite if a) there were more LED options since I don't like the white LED since the white is really a light blue and b) if there was a nice aluminum case to replace the dorky woodgrain one.

Well, at least, they got rid of the fixed/attached USB cord.
i wish this keyboard didnt have a cheap wood texture on it, it should just be smooth
Can we get a photo that shows all the different keycap colors?
Paid $6 extra for white LEDs and they ship with blue LEDs... What gives?
Of course, I should have known NOT to order this. As other people before me have experienced, I received the keyboard with Blue LEDs, NOT the White LEDs that I requested. I can't believe I waited so long that the order got fucked up. This isn't the first time that this has happened to your customers. I'm done ordering keyboards from you Massdrop. The fact that the shipments were not only delayed but I received the wrong order is unsettling. I'd much rather have my money back.
I'm sorry this happened! Let me email you directly and we can work on a resolution.
You probably got the white LEDs. The white LEDs are an extremely cool white or a light blue. They really don't match anything except the baby blue keycaps.
Keyboard finally arrived. I ordered the white on white on white. Unfortunately the LEDs are blue, not white.
So...anyone wants my keyboard? I have it in white with gray keycaps and white lights. Asking $135 shipped. Just got it in the mail today; not my type of keyboard.
Any particular reason why?
Disregard. Already returned it with a full refund.