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Aluminum Case For Varmilo 87 Key

Aluminum Case For Varmilo 87 Key

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Received mine. Titanium Gray. No faults in color, or build for the most part. Slight difficulty with the threading of the screws that hold the usb connector to the case. The screws don't seem to thread very well. Had to use a big of glue to give them something to bite. The screws that actually hold the case together did not have a problem.

Also, I used this for a Varmilo VB87M. It was a risk of a purchase considering the metal might interfere with bluetooth connectivity, but I am having no issues at all. Really a great upgrade.
Just received it in the mail today! I ordered the Titanium Gray color and this one doesn't seem to have that "purple-ish" tint other people have complained about or a light silver look either. There was also complaints about missing screws and with this recent drop but they did included extra screws this time!

If you notice on the F row keys there's some warping on the lower part. Not sure if this was intentional or shipping damage but I suggest you *don't* try warping it back upwards. Once you tighten everything down, those will bend back in shape making it completely flat. Trying to bend it back could cause some damage or odd warping so I suggest you avoid doing that.

Now I just need to wait for my custom keycaps to ship!
Here's the box for anyone who wants to do more research on this case.
If anyone was interested in this drop I posted mine on mechmarket.
I got my shipping alert today. Only a label made so far, but with FedEx it should be here by the end of the week.
...and received it today, August 25th. Not great, but not terrible by group buy standard.
Radio silence from Massdrop on this one. This was the last component to a custom board I was preparing for the Austin meetup this Saturday. Lame.
Yeah... This isn't looking good right now. I've sent them an email asking if there's any updates but I still haven't heard anything back from them.
Finally got an update today about our order.
Anyone get any updates about shipping yet?
Can someone post photos of theyr board with this case?
Where can I get this besides massdrop?
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I just received the one I ordered on aliexpress, it seems to be the exact same case as it came in the same purple box marked "mz pbt the max". I ordered it on august 22 and received today in Paris.
Here's the link:
how is the viki style aluminum case on varmilo feel like? have you tried it yet? could you leave me couple photos of it on your varmilo?
Is the silver shade similar to the MacBook's?
Will this fit the leopold fc750 r
Does anyone know if this'll fit a MasterKeys Pro S?
what is required to assemble this?
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Pull off switches or just keycaps?
keycaps, sorry. That was an early morning at-work post for me.