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Varmilo VA22M Ink Rhyme Numpad

Varmilo VA22M Ink Rhyme Numpad

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A Proficient Sidekick w/ Your Choice of Switches

Styled with a discreet black and gray colorway, the Varmilo VA22M Ink Rhyme Numpad won’t look out of place on any desktop. Whether you’re entering large amounts of data, doing your taxes, or playing Garry’s Mod, it comes in handy all the time. Build quality is superior thanks to components like dye-subbed keycaps, your choice of Cherry MX switches, and a stainless steel plate. The bottom of the numpad features rubber feet so it won’t slide around your desktop.

Note: The base price is for Cherry MX Black, Blue, Brown, or Red switches. At checkout, you’ll have your choice from a variety of other Cherry MX switches. Pricing will vary depending on your selection; see checkout options for more details.


  • Varmilo
  • Black PC+ABS case
  •  PBT dye-subbed
  • 12º angle
  • Supports key function swapping
  • Stainless steel plate
  • No LEDs
  • Rubber feet


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Estimated ship date is Dec 17, 2018 PT.

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