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Varmilo VA22M Mechanical Numpad

Varmilo VA22M Mechanical Numpad

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Got mine and love it... however, it doesn't work when I plug it into my PC. Running windows 10. It will scroll with the keys, and the page up and backspace keys all function, as does the brightness change... but I wanted to utilize this for accounting class and my taxes, but I can't get any numericals to pop up when using the calc app or anything. Any help?
Clears please.
what no black body? boo! lol.

i really need a numpad but i also need it to mach my keyboards...oh well, here's to waiting forever for another decent numpad to show up in black....the ducky one wasn't my thing, didn't like the calc thing built in.
Does this use number row scancodes or number pad scancodes?
I'm pretty sure they use number pad scancodes judging from the presence of the numlock key.
C'mon guys just one more!
If only there were gateron greens:(
i recently picked up a Ducky Pocket for $70 to go with my masterkeys s, it has a screen and can be used as a normal calculator as well as a numpad. so it can be taken to go. not sure if ill ever need that function but it looked interesting enough so i went with it. the [0][00] key setup on the bottom row is a little strange but didnt take much time to get used to it since i use the numpad frequently.

not much more money but i feel it offers much more.
shame these don't really match the vb87m profile
Why can't this be a diy numpad for $40?

massdrop is the best
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Oh,that's crazy
I personally want mx clear or green. Massdrop is at least offering green.
needs clear switches lol
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and why is that....................
Seriously. There have been 5 or 6 numpads I would have bought if they'd had clears at this point.

I have a TKL with Clears I love, but use a numpad for work pretty regularly. I'd buy a numpad with clears as soon as the drop went up, but until then...
I just ordered a tkl blue gateron kb from them directly. They can still do gaterons but no more warranty. Evidently to much negative feedback. With that, STOP NERD RAGING ON YOUR KB's!!!
Not exactly what I'm looking for but still SO much better than the recent ridiculous IQKB numpad drop.
Well if you don't mind a plastic case , and it being pre-assembled , than sure this is ok. But this drop is for a plastic case , no color choice. stuck with the switches offered. and you dont get to build ... Not for me....
"choose between Cherry MX Black, Blue, Brown, Red, and Green (+ $15) switches. You will also have your choice of LED lighting (blue, red, green, orange, and white)"

Seems like pretty good range of options to me, plus white plastic case is perfect for me = easier to dye to match my main board :D