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Wow! Is everyone having trouble with this keyboard now. I exchanged my original near the one year mark for skipping. Mass drop had a cherry MX Green left with red backlight and I took it. Used it a few times then put it up. Recently my setup (replaced 5 year old PC with new Laptop)requires wireless so I dragged it out. It charges but fn and insert no longer shut it off. It pairs but once I restart my pc I have to repair it again every time. I guess I will sell it. It's really annoying. It's also put me off from going with these unknown brands. I'm replacing with The Cosair wireless, I just hate its blue and red switches but I need set up like that and I am not ready to trust anymore unknown (at least unknown to me)brands.
Update.. For those of you like me with the above problem. I found a work around. Since I can't shut the keyboard down (command doesn't) and turn it back on, I couldn't try to force it to connect. I found if I paired it to two items, in this case, PC and iPad, and I turn off iPad Bluetooth and do the Fn+ right arrow key to make it switch Bluetooth (in this case its looking for iPad. If the iPad Bluetooth is off, it would automatically try to force connect to my PC. This has been the only way I've been able to get it to connect without doing a repairing.
Has anyone else had issues with the Media Control Keys not working? I have a Windows 10 laptop but the media controls (FN + F8, for example) are not doing anything.
I have one and only used couple of the time. Comes with the keyboard and arm rest.
  • QtyOption1Switch Type: Cherry MX Red
  • Case Color: White
  • LED Options: White LED
  • Keycaps: Top Printed Dye Sub PBT Keycaps
If anybody is interested in this one, please go to the ebay link:


I'm not going to review this ... because I can't make up my mind. It's a decent keyboard. I wish I could connect via usb as well as bluetooth. It uses an old bluetooth protocol which is clear-text over the air. So if you are sitting in a coffee shop, logging in to your bank ... well you are pretty much begging to be hacked. The part that drives me nuts is that about 6 of my keys now stick and I have to bang and slam them to get a reaction. I expect mechanical keyboards to last a long time. This is the first keyboard i've ever had that just dies on me.
Selling mine. Blue case, white front printed keycaps, white LEDs, cherry MX brown.
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How much are you looking to get?
Write me a line at email address disclosed above.
Hey, anyone know where i can purchase this keyboard???
Look at the comment above yours.
I have one , please see my last post.
On Mac OS, the Windows key is supposed to get inputted as the "Command" key. However, the button has stopped working when I try to use shortcuts. Anyone have any clues as to what could have happened?
If anyone is interested, I'm selling mine for a very good price. It has a black case / mint front printed key caps / Gateron browns / white LED and comes in the original box. No issues at all and barely used. I like the keyboard, but I just do not use it. Immaculate condition, shoot me a pm for more details.
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I'm still seriously interested!
Hi Katharine, sent an invite on Discord. We can talk there!
is this ever gonna come back
I received my VB87M in April '17, and ended up getting an Intel WiFi/Bluetooth PCIe card to avoid interference issues with certain USB Bluetooth receivers. I used it successfully on my Windows 10 workstation, my Surface Pro 4 (using Windows 10), my iPhone 5c, and my Kindle Fire 8HD and 10HD Android tablets.
Last Christmas, I restarted my computer, and the Varmilo didn't reconnect at the login screen (not uncommon, but still annoying), so I used a wireless numpad I had on the desk to login. From that point forward, my VB87M stopped working with ALL devices. It shows up as a Bluetooth device, but it fails to pair. Windows 10 times out on the pairing process. iOS times out on the pairing process. Android gets to the authentication, but after typing in the numerical code, it fails shortly afterwards.
I've tried clearing the paired devices on the VB87M. I've tried updating and downgrading my Bluetooth drivers. I've tried using the USB Bluetooth dongle that was spotty with the keyboard (but worked sometimes). Finally, I tried purchasing a CoolerMaster MK750 and using that instead. The VB87M now sits in a box, waiting for me to throw it out or strip it for parts.
The LED lights on my board won't change brightness or mode nor turn off when paired via Bluetooth. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm guessing a module on the PCB is bad.
Hi All! I got my VA87MC in the mail a couple days ago and I can't seem to get this thing to work. When I plug it into my Macbook Pro, everything works fine: the keys register, the lights breathe, etc. But as soon as I unplug it from my laptop, everything ceases to work. It doesn't turn on via FN+Insert, the Insert button doesn't blink, and, as far as I know, it's not charging either. Given that it doesn't turn on, I can't pair it to any device either. Anyone else having such issues? If so, might you offer some solutions or suggestions? Any feedback at all would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!
It sounds like you got the wired version of this keyboard, which means it doesn't work unless plugged in. The V*B*87M is the version with Bluetooth capabilities, not the VA87M.
If anyone is interested, I'm selling mine for 170 CAD. Black case / white front printed key caps / gateron browns / Blue LED. Zero issues, and I really love this board, I just cant afford it right now. Immaculate condition, shoot me a message for pics and info.
Hi, is the keyboard still available?
If anyone is interested I have one up for sale at 80% MSRP - Paid 144 and I am selling it for 115.
black case / white keys / blue led - cherry mx browns. O-Rings included!

Currently on ebay, but pm me and I'll shoot you a paypal invoice avoid fees.
The LEDs on my VB87M start randomly breathing, then they turn off, then the whole board turns off. If I toggle the LEDs to off with my function key they turn back on again and flash every 3 seconds on, 3 seconds off. Does this happen to anyone else?
Got this one with Gateron brown. Love it way more than Filco Cherry MX brown. Smoother, lighter, and actuate higher makes my typing rolls like the old days prior to using Cherry. Will always go with Gaterons from now on.
Shipped on December 1st and still waiting. I'm in Australia.
My keyboard doesn't function correctly at all, pretty disappointed. Adjusting the LED brightness level or breathing mode doesn't work, the whole board flashes every 3 seconds or so regardless of anything. Function + Del doesn't do anything for me either, I can hold it all day and then still continue typing on the keyboard (doesn't disconnect). I just want to turn the LEDs off and I can't seem to even manage that.
Does this look normal to y'all?
Somehow my VB87M swapped CTRL and Caps Lock keys by itself, but now I am unable to revert this change. Does anyone have any ideas how to reverse the keyswap? Pressing FN+ CTRL (Left) doesn't seem to do anything...
Ah found the solution. It's FN+Caps lock and the board will flash. it resets all prior configurations.
On my second VB87M after the first was unable to keep a charge over 3 minutes after just a month or two of usage (which took a solid 1-1.5 months for replacement). Now the replacement board appears to have failed, with about 1/3rd of the keys no longer working.
While mine is out of warranty, seems I am not the only one who has had reliability problems, so buyer beware. Unfortunate, because when the board is working, it is great and really filled my needs. Going to try the recently released Logitech G613 now, although they use crappy printed keys. Guess that will be one good think about the Varmilo, can cannibalize the keycaps.
another crap thing about the logitech is their garbage G Romar custom switches. but the build quality might b better overall
What kind of person of diminished faculties would pay for a 10-keyless, no features, no RBG lighting, high latency bluetooth ONLY keyboard.
120$ + 10 MORE dollars just to have decent switches put in? Really?
Cooler Master - Masterkeys Pro-S RGB on sale for 99 (With Mail In Rebate, 130USD before) Cherry Reds, Blues or Browns available.
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stay away from the gaterons. There have been so many problems with the gat boards that rumor is varmilo won't warranty them anymore.
Thanks for the heads up. Will use this for a few months to see whether any problems show up prior to ordering more. Well I shouldn't anyway as I got Topre , Hall, and Speed Copper Input Club incoming. Will see which one I truly prefer prior to getting more.
Is there a battery life indicator? If not, how do you know when it's about to die or when it's fully charged?
watch your insert key. the variation in the blinking will tell you how much power is left. at about 20% it will start to blink.
is it better then the drevo calibur?
Yes. If you don't have any issues with bluetooth/charging, most people seem to agree that this is superior.
I have both. Yes this is better than the Calibur
Does it have to be used as bluetooth?
Yes, it is bluetooth only.
Reading through the comments here, there seem to be some issues with the quality and durability of this keyboard. Seeing 3000+ comments, this probably is a drop that has been going on for some years. Any improvements on the quality and durability of this keyboard over the past few years?
I got one from a Amazon seller for much less during the last drop, and have been using it as a daily work keeb with 0 issue. ~8 months of use so far.
I've used mine daily since the last drop (cherry green), and once I finally solved the issues with bluetooth, it's been a reliable, well built workhorse. Bad reports you're hearing probably come from gateron equipped boards, which have had a lot of problems in the past (I've heard varmillo won't even warranty gateron equipped boards anymore).
You're going to want to run your bluetooth dongle off a usb extension (preferably with a ferrite bead) from a usb 2.0 port, unless you're using it for a laptop and it's literally right next to the dongle.
This board will not handle any kind of interference whatsoever.
Any pictures of the gray dye sub top printed keycaps or the red LEDs? I really want to get this, but I need to see how dark the gray is. The only keycaps shown in the pictures are the blue/pink top printed and a gray front printed that isn't even one of the options...
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Nope, mine has white led's. I had a varmilo board with red LED's.
Same. Got white.
For anyone still having bluetooth issues with this board, I've found the solution. I have killed 2 bluetooth dongles with this thing, and it was starting to make me quite angry.
The solution? You need a usb extension cable with a ferrite bead in it (i use the extension cable that comes with an xbox controller for windows). This thing won't deal with ANY amount of interference. I was encountering this both from rear ports and the front panel ports, less than four feet away from the computer.
Since using the extension cable, I haven't had a single problem in over a month.
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I had this problem too. I found if I dud FN + Right Arrow, it would try to connect to the next thing I had paired. If it could make a connection it would revert back and try to connect to the PC I wanted it connected to in the first place. Sometimes it takes 2 or 3 tries but I've been able to get it to connect this way every time now. Its still annoying as heck though.
Not worth it for a "wireless" keyboard that sits less than a foot from the wireless transmitter. It's just a poorly made keyboard.
Canadians be prepared to pay an absurd amount in COD charges upon receipt of these keyboards. I ordered two of these and ended up paying $121 CAD at delivery, and that is after already paying a very high shipping fee. The post master at my local post office told me that COD charges are issued from the company who sent the package, and are not duty fees.
Massdrop says: "I see that your order shipped via DHL. I understand that the post office employee advised that these were not customs charges and to her they may have looked that way. However, when DHL carries a package they pay the customs fees when it enters the country and add that on as a COD fee. Therefore, the fee you were charged was the customs fees. I apologize for any confusion surrounding this. All orders shipped internationally are subject to customs fees. The fees and taxes levied on imported goods is up to the discretion of the customs agent in the county of importation. Before purchasing items on our site, we advise members to reach out to their local customs office for information about the duties and fees to be expected."
I must have missed that last part when ordering. Still, this is completely ridiculous. Massdrop should figure out a better method of shipping to Canadians that either avoids these insane duty fees, or at least calculates the cost up front similar to Ebay's global shipping program. I didn't have to pay duty fees on past Massdrop purchases. I tend to order things online rather than buy in store, so I'm used to paying fees on packages from time to time. It is very common in Canada to pay tax on packages valued over $100, but it is not common to pay such insane duty fees, which make up such a large percentage of the total value of the product. I won't be making any future purchases on Massdrop because of this, because really what is the point? I ended up waiting months for these keyboards and in the end paid more for them than I would have buying somewhere else.
They can't talk to your government some country's have import fee's some don't. Its your JOB to figure out if your country has a import fee. United States doesn't have import fee's on items under a certain amount bought for personal use. Canada does. Before I ordered my TADA directly from a Chinese company. I had to go look and figure out what my import fee's might be.

From what I have seen read online. Import fee's for other countries are always on a moving scale and its almost impossible to tell what the fee's might be until the government tacks them on. Also from what I have seen read.. Canada seems to be one of the worse country's for import fee's. I guess they want you all buying local.
So I got this keyboard secondhand (open box but unused, original packaging and content included) as my first mechanical. All the comments I've read about this keyboard says when you turn it on with Fn + Insert, the Insert LED should blink/turn on and go into pairing mode.
However, when I turn the keyboard on, the Insert LED doesn't turn on. Neither do the lights under Scroll Lock and Caps Lock. I know the keyboard is on because when I press the Home key, the entire keyboard lights up excluding the three keys above. When I press certain keys, the LEDs light up dimly, but certain other keys don't have a response.

Here's a video to visualise what I mean:
Because the Insert LED doesn't light up, I can't tell if it's charging when I plug it in or if it's in pairing mode or not. When I look at the Bluetooth settings on my PC, there's an "Unknown Device" but connections fail whenever I try. I can't find anything on Massdrop that describes a situation similar to mine :(
Is there anything I can do? What do you guys think?
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Almost sounds like someone sold you a faulty board. It be impossible to tell if it was really NIB and unused if it was open.
@piecemealcranky @HotRoderX Good news everyone!! The solution for my keyboard was so simple. I was at my wit's end when I plugged in the keyboard to my laptop using the same USB cable it came with. It unexpectedly started responding properly after that! I still don't understand what the issue was exactly and how plugging it in fixed it, but I was able to successfully pair it to my computer; this time, there weren't any keys that were stuck. After pairing and making sure all the keys were responsive, I unplugged the cable from my PC. It's been a few days and the keyboard has been fully functional wirelessly. What a weird turn of events, but I love the keyboard now. Thank you to everyone who responded!
My keyboard wont stay charged for more than 2 days before it starts auto shutting off every 3 minutes. Every power setting I have tells it to stay awake. How the hell do I fix this?
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Odd, heavy is usually an indication the product is robust for most people.
Now my keyboard keeps turning off literally while I'm using it when the battery gets low. What is the point of a wireless keyboard if it can't hold a charge for more than 2 days. Fuck this POS.
So my VARMILO vb87m looks like it shit the bed, it appeared to stop charging, i would hook up the usb connector and wait for a blnking insert to show that it was charging, only to have it blink but shut off after a few mins. It clearly was not chargng anymore. After a while it completely turned off. Thinking the usb cable was to blame i tried a similar cable , but nothing was happening when i attempted to turn it on. Went ahead and ordered a new battery from adafruit , a 3.7v 1200 same one it already had in there, disassembled the keyboard and installed the new battery, and... nothing.. , , it still wont turn on, ive tried hooking it up to the computer thinking maybe the battery needs to charge up. but so far nothing.
Im starting to suspect that the board itself is the problem and ill have to see if i can get this RMA'd
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It did up to a point like i mentioned above, maybe it overloads the battery if the usb is kept in?
the usb only charges the device. plugging it in doesn't change anything to the connection. only thing that changes is that it gets a little charging