Varmilo 10th Anniversary Z104 Mechanical Keyboardsearch

Varmilo 10th Anniversary Z104 Mechanical Keyboard

Varmilo 10th Anniversary Z104 Mechanical Keyboard


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Mechanicalkeyboard has this for the same price and in stock.... why would someone wait til January?
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Just another one of MD's shills who don't take kindly to any kind of criticism of MD lol
your right I mean you nailed

My problem is people refuse to use common since are even think... now days.. if there not getting there way and a gold star and a puppy to pet.. then obviously the world is at fault and they need to pitch a hiss fit till they get there way.

I totally agree that MD is not perfect and sometimes there prices leave me going hu... but at the same time MD offers a lot of Exclusive! I don't see any one else offering Lazer are really any of Mito's drops!.. oops those are MD exclusives and outside of buying them second hand off mechmarket for most likely a handsome markup.. your never going to see them out side of MD.. least not round 1.

Then there is the fact that you know lot of people complain about MD and there lack of support are what not.. I contacted support several times. I found as long as your friendly <---- Keyword!... and not demanding <--- another keyword.. Then there support will pretty much bend over backwards to accommodate ya. I doubt I am just lucky enough for this to be the case. I really do but hey its possible.

Then there is the misinformation about MD that people love to spread.. like the Godspeed drop from what I have heard that wasn't MD's fault.. MD contacted those buyers and offered to get them the items in question. Those buyers refused and got refunded. Given they where most likely proxy buys.. the proxy's most likely just didn't want to have to wait are deal with it any longer.. not to mention people using buyer protection on them ETC ETC.. and decided to pull out. But of course instead of thinking about it in a rational method people where quick to blame MD. Cause why who knows....

I can't defend everything they do like sending out the 2 left handed PCB's for that one drop. Doing that once is one thing it continuing to happen. I can explain why it would happen but it shouldn't be happening.

I am sure Massdrop does the best they can with what they have and they do a service to the community.. its just there a very vocal minority that wants to whine cause they don't understand how mass drop works are why it even exist.

O yea one other thing keep in mind you might could get this cheaper on another website! but can you get it shipped outside the United States and if so how much? Shoot I seen another KB buy where shipping to other locations was OBSCENE we are talking like 100+ for some locations outside of American/Canada and that doesn't include vat or even there charges for customs.. so yea this might still be cheaper for some people.. not everyone lives in the United States where.. there decent amount of vendors to choose from and shipping fee's are reasonable.
After a long contemplation, I decided to pick this one up.
I hope to see more people joining the drop!
Come on guys, let's give this one a shot! :)
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For years it was Filco and Leopold who held the top position of 'QUALITY' Keyboards that were made but now, we have Varmilo and they have indeed kicked them right between the legs.

Changed my mind on anything made in China these days, it's just past memories ingrained into our shopping psyche.
The whole deal with "china stuff is cheaply made" doesn't come down to china making cheap products, it comes down to the companies outsourcing to them speccing for very low quality cheap builds. They'll build whatever you give them plans and spec for, but you have to pay for it.

PLENTY of high quality stuff comes out of china, it just mostly happens to be chinese stuff for the chinese market.
So if I buy in and it doesn't get unlocked do I lose my money
What happens if not enough people join the drop?
If too few people join a drop and the first price point isn’t reached before the drop ends, the order is not placed and payment is not captured. The drop will remain on the site and you can click the "Request" button to be notified if and when the drop becomes live again.  

here you go.
i wish that it was the "varmilo-va87mr" instead :(
massdrop come one
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i dont own it but the other one seems better in every aspect
MG, good for starting a fire in a survival situation.
Been here for 6 months, first time seeing no one joining a drop after 24 hours.
more than 48 hours now.
How does this keyboard weigh over 5 pounds? That seems way heavier than most mech keyboards. Is it constructed with heavy steel plate?
Definitely not feeling this one. 10th anny should be like 10lbs of aluminum and PBT with RGB underglow and built in subwoofer...

I'm exaggerating obviously, but more premium materials would make this more compelling. Even aluminum woodgrain (tastefully done) probably would have pushed me over the line.
Why this wood pattern on the plastic? It's so ugly. Definitely not buying this
My first board was a CM Quickfire XT, acquired around Christmas 2015. It was a nice board (aside from 2 RMAs for dead switches -_-) and I still have it. The second RMA came about right as this drop was live. I am very much still a noob in this area, so did some digging on /r/mechanicalkeyboards and heard nice things about Varmilo. Went for this board.

Joyously, it shipped almost a month earlier than anticipated and arrived just in time for my birthday. Have been using it for a week now and can say that I really appreciate it. The improvements over the CM board are subtle. Same switches (Cherry MX Brown) on both but this one feels just a touch more gentle. I can play WASD-movement games all day without it feeling like my fingers are going to fall off. It's also a touch quieter than the old board.

I used the provided heart pattern for the keys, flipping it so they were mostly white with the heart in black. Now I just need my lavender cat face caps to arrive and the WASD keys will be perfect. Is nice board, and I am quite happy with it a week in. :)
Is there any word on Apple compatibility? I asked this question two days ago and have been searching online, but can't find an answer.
not 100% compatible
No this one is not MAC compatible, but keep you eyes open for a MAC specific Varmilo in the near feature.