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VentureCraft Typhoon SounDroid DAC/Amp

VentureCraft Typhoon SounDroid DAC/Amp

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Does this seriously not work with Android?

That name is pretty misleading. How did someone in R&D not pick that up..?
Anyone find a review for this unit that is in English?
Here is a writeup on Head-Fi that's in english:
Can this unit play sound with an iDevice while charging it's battery via USB simultaneously? This would come in handy during long international flights.
"If you can find a more versatile, complete, high quality, and utility driven device; please tell us, we'll call that company immediately."

Love Massdrop. Since you asked, I can think of one. Centrance M8. Probably sets the bar currently in portable DAC/AMP and incredible flexibility. I know that the Centrance Dacport LX drop did not go well but I am confident if you did the M8 drop, you will meet your quota. That said, this does sound like a fine unit too.
The M8 is awesome! We're talking with CEntrance now and comments like yours always help, especially given how the DACport LX went.

That said, it's a touch large and I don't recall if you can use it as an external battery. Perhaps you can enlighten me?

Massdrop loves you back.
Yes, unfortunately about the LX. But I think the lack of a volume pot meant it was a pure DAC and more limited demand at that price point unfortunately. I actually signed up for your Massdrop on that.

The M8 has been raved about as THE portable DAC/Amp. Headfi's founder/owner did a video review and against probably another dozen high end DAC/Amps, he put it as #1.

It is large indeed. And I think it does charge the i devices but don't quote me.

I'm definitely good for one M8 if it has discount on par with the LX. Still can't believe that the LX did not go through....
Will this amp have enough power for Sennheiser HD800s?
Can anybody from Massdrop confirm 100% that this is compatible with the iPhone 5S? If so, I very well may be in for this drop.
Just tested with the 5s, works great!
Still waiting for the HRT microstreamer to get dropped.
Thoughts on running this with low-impedance stuff like IEMs (specifically SE535s and JH16s)?
Funny its name is SounDroid but its not compatible with AnDroid.
Does anyone know a way to get this to work with the Nexus 4 and Spotify?
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