Closeout: Vibram Furoshiki Bootssearch

Closeout: Vibram Furoshiki Boots

Closeout: Vibram Furoshiki Boots

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Japanese Tradition With Modern Styling

Mimicking the traditional Japanese process of using a single piece of cloth to wrap a wide array of items, Vibrams Furoshiki Wrap is a quick and minimal alternative to traditional lightweight shoes. Simply slip your foot into the shoe, pull the straps tight, and you’re ready to go. Made from a stretchy elastane and nylon blend, these unisex flats come with an adjustable Velcro strap that helps the shoe form to the shape of your foot. This makes the Furoshiki ideal for quick outings to the store or around town, but also great for lounging around a campsite or treading through a stream or creek. They easily fold up into a small carrying case, which makes them easy to store when traveling.

At checkout, choose the Furoshiki Shearling mid boot in black or dark brown (base price), the Shearling high boot in black or dark brown (+ $5), the Neoprene mid boot in black/red (+ $5), or the Neoprene high boot in black/blue (+ $10). Sizes vary from XS–XXL depending on style.

Closeout: Vibram Furoshiki Boots
Closeout: Vibram Furoshiki Boots
Closeout: Vibram Furoshiki Boots
Closeout: Vibram Furoshiki Boots

Sizing Chart

Closeout: Vibram Furoshiki Boots


Vibram Furoshiki Shearling Boot

  • Upper: Synthetic shearling
  • Lining: Shearling
  • Sole: Ecostep outsole

Vibram Furoshiki Neoprene Boot

  • Upper: Neoprene
  • Lining: Neoprene
  • Sole: Megagrip rubber


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