Victorinox Grand Maitre 6.75-Inch Santoku Knifesearch

Victorinox Grand Maitre 6.75-Inch Santoku Knife

Victorinox Grand Maitre 6.75-Inch Santoku Knife

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Would be nice to know what kind of steel. "Stainless steel" is a bit generic info for an enthusiast community.
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It's fairly common to see multiple steels used in many Japanese knives, either two or three layers. Having three layers is by far the most common today and this forms a laminated steel known as san mai where the harder core steel is jacketed on either side by (usually) less expensive and softer steel or iron.

Traditionally the softer outer layers were added to reduce costs and improve strength as high quality steel was both expensive and not as strong as it is today. Today, the outer layers are sometimes a pattern welded damascus steel, sometimes a stainless steel (whether or not the core is carbon), and most often just plain.

In modern times, the use of san mai is still mostly about reducing costs as a laminated steel is much easier to work with than mono-steel when making knives, for the most part at least. Common steels used to today are things like X50CrMoV15 (Wusthof, Zwilling, Mercer, etc.) and X55CrMo14 because they are easier to work with during manufacturing but these steels don't perform all that well.

In any case, none of that applies here because the Victorinox is mono-steel through and through.
Actually their kitchen knives are highly rated for the most part. Cheaper than Henckels or Wustof and hold a better edge IMHO.
I have this knife and it is very well made. If anyone is near Monroe CT, you can get great deals at the corporate store.
How is the "Grand Maitre" Santoku different from the Victorinox rosewood Santoku that can be easily found for about 30% less? anything different with the Grand Maitre series?
Rosewood is stamped (fibrox with rosewood handle), Grand Maitre is forged. However, Grand maitre have 2 line - Black and Rosewood. Black is selling online for about $100 USD.
Thank you for the info, now this makes sense. I had the rosewood Santoku on my list for a while, but I think I am going to get the forged Grand Maitre.
99% this was made in germany, I have been using an 8" victorinox everyday for the past 3 years, most the other kitchen knives on here do not interest me. I'm getting this and any other victorinox kitchen knives, especially with wood handle
Stuff like this is always about personal preference. I like the German santoku version better than the Japan one. The German style is heavier. I wanted to purchase the Wusthof Epicure Santoku at last Christmas but end up not. Hopefully this will be as good as the Wusthof one.
I've honestly had better luck with Victorinox knives than I have with my Wusthofs, and I'm talking the stamped Vitorinox knives vs forged Wusthof. They both use pretty similar steels, but I find that the Vitorinox tend to hold an edge longer.
Is this knife forged or stamped? If forged, where was it forged?
Forged for sure. Where I am not sure. I know most of their forged line are made in Germany. If Massdrop can verify this than it will be great.
Thanks for your reply and info.
Can any confirm this knife forged in Soligen, Germany? If this is than is a great deal.
There is a clip on You Tube ("Chapter 4: Choosing a knife...") from Victorinox. The person states the Grand Maitre line is forged in Soligen Germany, designed/finished in Switzerland. Seems to be the real deal.
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