Victorinox Swiss Army Knives: Alox Minichampsearch

Victorinox Swiss Army Knives: Alox Minichamp

Victorinox Swiss Army Knives: Alox Minichamp

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why. it's been as low as 37 on amazon the past few days and it's teetering around $40.50 for the past week.
I got one of these in a previous drop. It is, by far, my favorite SAK. It is so small it disappears in a pocket. It has so many tools, I can't count the number of things I have used it for at work. Of course, I carry a larger modern folder, but this little guy comes in handy and gets used way more often than that.

I wish these came in a larger variety of colors. Maybe Massdrop could sponsor a custom version.
Would love a premium color Or not black, red, or silver. They have many colors but sell out very quickly and are only sold by certain dealers.
Excited for this! My 1st Massdrop purchase.
Success! So Happy thanks MD!
You will love it. It is the best Swiss Army Knife, IMHO.
I love this knife, I'd probably use something on it everyday. It goes pretty much everywhere with me.
I've found it to be a well made and useful, keychain-friendly tool. Not for heavy use, but not meant to be. Saw the orange peeler and had to have it (yes, I eat a lot of oranges, and it works great for opening packages too). Don't regret it one bit!
Great knife, love the model. But Massdrop needs to either do better negotiations, or stop with the products that are only a few dollars cheaper than amazon and make you wait 2-4 weeks to get it.
Are you complaining that you have too many options? if Amazon is cheaper and faster, simply buy it from Amazon. :)
So you agree. If there is a faster, same or cheaper price we should be skipping the massdrop offer.
Thanks for the agreement.
Great knife! I'd prefer the smaller Vagabond model which drops the ruler and spoon thingy for a thinner profile.
Does this ship Free in the U.S.?
If there is a ship fee for the U.S. and if you join drop at $35, it comes to same price on Amazon with Free 2 day ship.
How much to ship to the UK?
Received already! Surprisingly fast shipping to Australia, Thanks Massdrop!

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I like it alot. It's more compact than the squirt but holds plenty of useful tools. For weekday/work carry it's more than enough.

That thing is decent tweezers I find the ones on multitools are an afterthought at best. Too flimsy. These are great, Perfect for splinters etc.
Thank you so much for the info!
I'm checking out those tweezers now.
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