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Hi I come from Taiwan. I joined the drop in Nov. I selected 5- piece option. Paid in Nov. but got nothing until today.
Is there anyone like me ? Massdrop said DHL wouldn't send the package to me because of too high value. I don't know if the reason is correct. Because they sent me twice and both failed.
Is there any grantee or warranties mine stopped working after 5 months .... ?
Received mine today November 24th (Canada). I have no issues with it also, the second chrono hand just has a slight shutter, barely noticeable, rotating bezel just a hair off. Aside from that very happy with this purchase at 300$US this was a great deal. Thanks Massdrop.
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Oh, I've got lots, LOL, and a handmade Martu in midnight blue with red stitching on order. But for now, I've got 'er mounted on this Android strap in ballistic nylon over leather.
Thanks everyone for responding! Great to know that 22 mm straps will fit, cos I have new 22 mm straps from Chris Ward, Hirsch Mariner and NATO from Blushark all purchased over the weekend ... :)
I received my VSA on Thursday the 16th, and all is well. I am having no issue as described with the seconds chro hand. I am very pleased with the watch and am now trying to bond with it. At $300 bucks, the bonding should go smoothly. If not, I know several folks who would love to take it off my hands for that price.
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You're fortunate, and I probably won't use the Chrono function enough to worry about it. It keeps good time.
My chronograph seconds hand has settled it. I wasn't sure if it would, but the jumpiness that I was seeing has gone away. The remaining stutter that it has is consistent with my Tag Heuer chronograph, only perhaps slightly more noticeable due to the white tip of the hand. I've been wearing it all this week and the time is running about +4 sec/day with the chronograph running the entire time.
I think the 'stutter' is a common problem with the 7750. If I remember correctly, my now sold ambassador chronograph did the same thing. I've read that this 'problem' also happens on much more expansive watches. Was hoping that it would be different this time. Guess we will have to live with it. Still a good price.
It is not a technical issue, that is how the 7750 works so no need to worry.
Anyone else get theirs? Is there a stutter to your Chrono seconds hand? Mine has it. I don't like it and am hoping it improves after running for a while.
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The white tip of the Chrono seconds hand also accentuates the stutter, so it may not have looked as bad if the tip was not white.
After 48 hours just sitting on my desk, with another wind last night to keep it running, it's +5 sec as compared to the Watchville app, my normal reference. That's an averages of +2.5 sec/day. I'll likely keep it and start wearing it after I resize the bracelet and see how good it keeps time while worn.
Got mine today, just opened it.
"Massdrop is shipping you a package!", more like, Massdrop is awesome! :D
This was much faster this time, weeks ahead of the advertised ship date. I guess that's what happens when the drop sells out in three hours. As excited as I am to get this, due to some life events, I may need to flip it. Bummed about that, but when it gets here I may decide to sell others instead.
Woo hoo! Shipment notification!
Me too!
Some history and more eye candy behind the Gen 1 and 2 Alpnach series.
Thanks for sharing.