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Victorinox Ambassador Automatic Chronograph Watch

Victorinox Ambassador Automatic Chronograph Watch

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Finally I received it. For me the photos in the description are not the best. It shines in direct sunlight, during the night the lume is not too strong.
The quadrant need light to be special.
I take a photo indoor with different type of light, tomorrow I try to take another one with the sun.

any one interested in this drop? i want to give my out
Is the lug width also the strap width?
Looks like pretty decent case finishing, good movement. I'm unfortunately turned off by chrono dials that cut off the numerals, which the Ambassador (and the Alpnach and similar Victorinox chronos) does in a big way. I'd also rather have a standard bezel, as I have near-zero practical use for a countdown bezel.
I agree totally, it'll be so much nicer if the numerals are not cut off, and also the chrono makes the watch so thick.
No stutter problem for me, it's OK for me
Good one, I think I might end up keeping mine anyway. TBO, the chance of me using the chrono is so tiny, I don't even know why I care about the chrono stutter.
Just got mine today, and sadly finding out that it suffers the infamous 7750 stutter problem. sign~
(exactly like this

Beautiful watch, I'll see what massdrop customer service can do about it.
By cons, it's my first watch with a movement Valgranges or 7750, and actually when the wrist is moving, we hear quite like a ball that moves inside the case. We know like that that the rotor is not stuck !!!
And I like it in black version, better than white especially at the level of different subdials. In addition, I always preferred the leather bracelets (even if we must change them after a while). I already have a Victorinox Quartz watch with steel bracelet and it weighs a dead donkey.
Got it but not sure if the hour markers/dots glow in the dark as listed...if they do, it is extremely faint and short lived...
it does, very faintly, leave it under light for a good few minutes, then go to a dark room, you'll see, but really faint.
Yes, it came today also.
I am very happy
Haven't receive mine. anyone keen to share some pic ?
It came today - very, VERY pleased. I was worried that it would be huge - it is not. It looks good on my wrist. Got some good quality heft to it. Well Done MassDrop, Well Done!!!
I kept checking back for the silver model to become available, but no such luck - oh well. The really crazy thing is we bought the watches for $300, and on Victorinox's website, the bracelet alone is $225, and the black leather strap on this watch is $200! I know that's MSRP, but holy smokes.
Would it be possible to have an earlier shipping date?
They shipped today (26 Oct) according to the email I just received.
Mine sent yesterday!