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Victorinox Chrono Classic XLS Watch

Victorinox Chrono Classic XLS Watch

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Just recieved mine and got the wrong watch, #241282. asking for exchange or refund..
As most of you, got the wrong watch, definitively not the one in the picture. How does one proceed with the exchange? This sucks.
Been waiting on customer service since Sunday. Annoyed it is taking so long to address...
Just received mine. Also not the watch listed in the original drop. Totally different. I hope this can be corrected and the correct watch sent. Model listed in the drop was 241213 what I received was a 241282
Received mine also, not the watch pictured. Do we have recourse here? I want the watch pictured, the one we paid for.
Just got mine in the mail. It’s nothing like what is listed. I am very disappointed in massdrop for allowing this to happen. It’s not even close.
Wow,just got notification on my victorinox chrono. Ye ha!...whats up next?
Are the products on here second hand or new?
Hi all, this drop is for the white dial model.

Apologies for the confusion, the model number is 241213.
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Still a very nice looking piece, congrats on it!
See zoo_york's comment. They had the wrong image.
Drop almost over and no clarification from MassDrop.
Need clarification on the face. Want the white face already have it in black. Please clarify
MD please update.
Please clear witch watch we buy because ref and pictures don't match.
241280 is a different watch than the one shown in pic- WTF is going on here?
The description doesn't match up with the Images.
I'm guessing they're using an old sale and only updated the pictures and not the actual description.

Also is this 22mm or 24mm.
Victorinox is 23, which is annoying. You may find some 24 straps still work, or, use a strap marketed for Luminox which is also 23mm
Expecting my package to arrive today, as it says July 12. Will I be surprised that Nothing will arrive today? Checked the tracker, but the last info there was from July 5, still in DE around the time.
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Yes got it today! Had to pay ~50 EUR in import taxes though. What about you?
not yet. Tracker says it's now at our Customs here in the PH. Hope it doesn't take longer that it usually is. Thanks for reminding me of the taxes. Do you like it? Is it worth the price, the tax and the waiting time? :)