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Victorinox Classic Infantry Vintage Automatic Watch

Victorinox Classic Infantry Vintage Automatic Watch

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Just got it.
Watch is fine, but the bracelet is not as good as the one I have on another Victorinox chrono quartz, feels more like a Seiko bracelet ( but with solid end links ), same for the clasp.
Sadly lumes on numerals are weak.
Still a nice ( and small ) Victorinox auto.

PS: Price was $249.99.
How does this compare to Hamilton's Field Automatic Watch?
Is there any youtube review on this watch? I've found black/brown but no reviews on this particular silver model.
This exact watch is available with a two year warranty on Amazon for $299.99. The warranty is provided by a third party vendor.
Still no titanium watch. 😩
I'm in.
38mm + 2824 + Victorinox quality, that's a great combination ( and dial is really nice for a military ).
I am 6.75 wrist, my wife is 6... Try to buy unisex type watches that either can wear.

Some boxes that need to be checked...
Under 40mm, check
Lug 20mm, check allows for a variety of bands that can be interchanged without buying multiple sizes.

Reasonable priced, how does this compare to some others with similar size (37-38), lug (20)...
Seiko SARB 017 Alpinist, Sapphire
Seiko SARB 033 (black) or 035 (khaki), Sapphire
Seiko SKX013, 37 mm diver, Hardlex
Seiko SNE049 (blue) or 039 (black), 37 mm solar quartz, Hardlex
Citizen BM8180, 37 mm Eco Drive, Mineral but has 18 mm lug. Great EDC value watch under $100 my opinion.

Would like this Victorinox more as quartz with lower price for a field watch but still price point is under the SARB lineup
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I have a Sarb033 and am thinking of going for this drop...the blue dial and features are really tempting at this price.
Better grab a SARB quick--they're discontinuing the line.
I guess it's just me but I usually find victorinox designs very boring. Nothing that stands out as "wrong" about them, but at the same time nothing that stands out as "wow" either. As such, they leave me a little cold...
Agreed they are conservative. However I like that, because I don't want my colleagues focusing on my watch as much as what I am saying. I have found flashy designs can be hugely distracting.
This has to be the best looking Victorinox I have ever seen. That said, I am not buyng any more "affordable watches" until I sell some of my collecion. I need to stop buying so many watches in this price range and actually start pulling the trigger on more expensive pieces.
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I have a 36mm DJ that I use as my daily watch. However, I have this watch and I use it at night (because my DJ doesn't have lume) and on the weekends (because it more casual looking).
Feel free to PM me pics. Also I suggest against getting a Datejust simply because they are overrated. Look into actually going to Switzerland and getting a timepiece there! Otherwise Seiko Spring Drive for amazing movements, or look into RGM's engine turned styles...
Does this watch have a screw down crown?
I am interested in that as well!
No screw-down crown.
Hello. I Received mine yesterday. This is a really beautiful watch and I would be really happy ... if only it worked...
But the the visible semicircular rotor which winds the mainspring is blocked...
I have no idea what caused this malfunction. Too many long time without any movement ? Big shock during transport ? Magnetization ?
Anyway, I reported the DOA to MD.
No luck for my first purchase...
Where is this item shipped from? do they ship to China?