Victorinox Classic Officer's 1884 Quartz Watchsearch

Victorinox Classic Officer's 1884 Quartz Watch

Victorinox Classic Officer's 1884 Quartz Watch

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Hi does anyone know what kind of Quartz movement does this watch have? Would like to hear from those who bought this watch if possible. Thank you.
Very nice gent's watch, too bad I'm not a gent.
Classic 1884, but it's Quartz? Yeah, right.
Putting MSRP at 795 is just straight up deceiving your customers. I can't believe how often you guys inflate they number and get away with it. This shit needs to stop.
It is a problem on many sites that's why we as customers get to shop around. Some things on here are a deal and some are not.
Shop around before buying. They will always have a MRSP and when we shop around we find the true market value for products.
It's 120 USD on Amazon
Price, brand, quality, worth every cents
So close ... but no helium release valve.
WHy would it, it's not a dive watch
That's the joke.
I like it—not enough For it to replace anything I have though.
So, mine arrived. And I can say it really looks elegant and premium. Regardless of the price. It has 3 year international warranty in the box, and it's packaged amazingly. 35mm isn't as small as it sound since this is a tank-like watch.

I have a pretty thick wrists (19 cm/ 7,5in) and the size feels spot on.

Sorry for the shitty lighting.

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No problem man.
Here you go.

What is the warranty for this watch?
I would also like to know the warranty for this watch?
this watch had potential, but the logo and the texrt swiss army is just too strong for the watch design. Sort of like invicta with their wing logo (inferring aviation watch) but all the watchers are divers.

This is a classic dress watch style watch and need a very subtle and understated logo. The swiss army logo just doesnt go.
Show me one place where the MSRP for this watch is $795
what a joke
Yeah I was curious about that
Can someone Identify the quartz movement in this for me please. Just pure curiosity that's all, just keen to know if it is a Swiss Made Quartz Movement.
Technically, "Swiss Made" on the dial means it is; however, I'm pretty sure most Swiss quartz movements are assembled in Hong Kong from Swiss parts. I know this is true of my c. 2007 Tissot with its 17-jewel autoquartz movement, because the inside caseback is stamped Tissot Hong Kong.

Really makes no difference with quartz, given how few moving parts there are. Plus HK has a huge watch mfg industry, along with custom suits.