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Victorinox Classic Officer's Automatic Watch

Victorinox Classic Officer's Automatic Watch

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Crystal size? -
Im wondering if anyone knows the crystal size for this? - unfortunately had a bike tumble.. and there is a small crack in crystal.. and think the best way is to get a sapphire crystal online for my local fella to fit ( he only has standard crystal, and without opening cant tell size)
received my yesterday
recieved mine today, good watch, but the warranty card is empty
Both watches are beautiful and have great quality (like every Victorinox watch).
I'm really glad they arrived (few days ago) and whole deal wasn't fake. One with rubber band will be mine, second one with bracelet and great looking box is waiting for Father's Day. I hope he'll like it ;)

Me too, i buy one rubber band for me, one bracelet for my father
Received mine several days ago, all well. Looks very nice on hand and very comfortable. Makes +4-4.5 seconds per day.
Received mine yesterday. Looks splendid. Great value for money. Thanks MD
Hello friends .
Mine arrived and At the moment, functions very well and looks beautiful.
The box was very disappointing and was crushed and the watch was very dirty.
Well had mine for 5 days, date function was hard to find on the crown, kept clicking out of sync.. now tried manual winding as I do daily and the wind function is no longer working. Just spins in axis. Where do I stand on the warranty? I am in the UK so not happy if I need to send this watch anywhere..will be time consuming and expensive..
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This is what the rotor is for. You shouldn't wind it manually by turning the crown, it can cause problems.
The watch is kinetic and hand wind.. to say you can't wind a hand windable watch as it may cause a problem is odd.. I hand wind all my other hackable,winding kinetic watches with zero issues.. this watch should be exactly the same. It is a production failure if it does not function correctly.
Mine loses 35 seconds per day (24h). I wonder if this is within normal range? How are others?

update on 5/31
Checked again for two days. It gained +2 sec in the first 24 hour, and went to back to exact correct time (phone) on the next day. I feel much better : )
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Up to +/- 30 sec/day for a standard grade 2824-2 (

I have been running mine for at least 23 days without rewinding the watch and the closest rate is at 2.83 seconds lost per day. first few days was not consistent as seen in the graph, but later after that it was pretty consistent. I'm using the Watch Tracker app by Roaming Trek Apps which uses the atomic clock to compare with losing/gaining time.
Just received mine here in India! I love it! Will probably look for a nato strap and replace the existing rubber one.

edit: Sadly there was no swiss knife with the rubber strap model :(
5/17 Mail Posted, up to now no watch. Iam in dubai.
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I just found out I have to pay $34.70. Oh well.
Mine just arrived in customs, waiting for custom clearance and i need to pay the custom duties as well.
hi, has anyone from Asia recieved the watch? I am in Hong Kong, still waiting
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same here
Finally received on last Friday