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Victorinox Classic Officer's Automatic Watch

Victorinox Classic Officer's Automatic Watch

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Would anyone be willing to sell the bracelet only? I bought it on a rubber strap and I kind of regret it.. :/
Got this watch of Amazon for fair bit more than this. I can attest to the quality of it! If you're interested, I don't think you'll be disappointed. Especially at this price point!
I bought this exact watch for $129.00 from MD before. What a huge price jump.
Better deal before but I really like the watch.
I jointed the last drop, and the movement only worked for 3 weeks. I contacted Massdrop about the issue and they refused to respond back. I can't recommend this one.
Hey MD, as many are expressing here, it doesn't feel great when you raise the price of a good so dramatically. Any chance you could drop the price to get it closer to past drops? Thanks.
Same feels here, Even though I joined one drop just now bcoz of my parents money, the price drop isnt the samr as before and I feel bad for my fellow droppers
Seriously?! ETA at this price!!!
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Yeah, last drop I joined it and it was less than $160, forgot the exact price. And that one is on metal bracelet which is supposed to be more expensive. (Since in the previous drop there was a blue dial in rubber strap and less than $30 to $50, cant remember the exact price.

But still on this price point for ETA, caseback, sapphire, swiss watch, 40mm. This is a great deal
I got it in the last drop for 139$ shipped. Shipping was 7-8$
Guys not only if shows you the day before and after but also the time 5 minutes before and after... extraordinary!
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ETA movement alone worth more than 199, you guys are cheapskates. Get a job.
I've been waiting for this $130.

Can we adjust notifications to only work at a certain dollar amount?
Ok Massdrop, if your next "DEAL" is as lackluster as this and the last I got in my inbox I'm off the mailing list.
I think they made a mistake last time... This makes more sense. But it's not as good a deal!
Glad I got the bracelet one for $159.99 when it dropped the first time.
This seems a bit like a rip off.
Rip off.