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Victorinox Dive Master 500 Mid-Size Quartz Watch

Victorinox Dive Master 500 Mid-Size Quartz Watch

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Just got mine today. It is an overall nice quartz piece, with HQ materials, an attractive design that looks better in person, and a saphire crystal. I put it on a 20mm nato and really like the style. It is smaller by design, which is what i was shooting for. It will see more bottom time on spreadsheets than wall dives, but is vey legible and has a bright lume. Overall, it's a bargain...
But it IS a ladies watch. I'm including a tight shot and arm shot for perspective on my 7in wrist. I am also including a screenshot of the product number and a rendering of it on a woman's arm (note thumbnail). Further, the comment from BarryBogave is correct: it's highly unlikely any man would need the holes 1-6 on the included rubber strap.
Great deal, but I'm weighing my options...
Edit: I realize the product description from the other site says "Men's", but I'm just telling ya...

ALERT, ALERT, ALERT! This watch is much smaller than you might expect it to be; it could easily pass for a women's watch. I am by no means a big and/or macho type guy, but this was a huge disappointment when it arrived. The band is also somewhat cheap and flimsy. (Please note: I'm not saying this is not a nice watch, but it's very very small!!)


The YouTube reviews (although very detailed) are also very deceiving. Unfortunatly, since Massdrop does not accept any returns, I had to sell mine on eBay for a loss as soon as I received it. I highly recommend trying on this watch before buying it.
As a side note, the box is also different than what is shown in the Massdrop pic. This might matter to you if it's a gift.
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FWIW, i have relatively smallish wrists and hands, so it looks good on me. If your teen is 6'3" and 250 lbs football player, then it will probably be too small. If your teen is smaller framed or a younger teen then i think its a great watch. I am 5'9" and 180 lbs and I'm at the upper limit for the strap. I think the case is fine for size, even for people who are reasonably bigger than me. My 12 y.o. son loves swiping mine on occasion when i wear different watches.
That’s good news Thanks for taking the time to answer my query. Best regards
What about guarantee?
Dang! Didn't expect it be so small. But that's because I've only put larger sized on my wrist, even though my wrist is on the smaller size. Length of the band is definitely on the smaller size to accommodate small wrists. Not keen on the band and will seek to replace it. As Will Vautrain said below: "Actually, any 20mm nylon or fabric strap will fit fine. Some rubber 20mm straps may be hard to fit, but most can be squeezed down by 1mm. Removing it might be tough. A 20mm NATO-style strap will fit, no problem."
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Any chance one of you could provide a wrist shot? Considering to buy one, but the size makes me hesitant.
If you are hesitating, don't buy it! Please see my review above...I've just trying to save you the same disappointment that I went through.
I have a small wrist and this looks really promising especially with a sapphire crystal. At this price I shouldn't ask, but how is the lume like on this?
I wish I had been given a different answer from Victorinox regarding warranty and authenticity because this would be probably THE watch to replace my old watch but this was their reply.
Dear Mr. Wilkinson,
Thank you for your inquiry and for your interest in our products.
Here at headquarters in Switzerland, we do not know of Massdrop and cannot ensure that they are authorized web-retailers.
In order be sure to benefit from our 3 year international manufacturer warranty, we would advise you to purchase our watches from our network of authorized retailers in the UK.
I have copied in our exclusive distributor in the UK should you wish to make contact.
It would be a pleasure to answer any further questions you may have.
Best regards,
Elaine Wilson Customer Service – Team Leader
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Seems like you are quite emotional about my concern in buying a watch that didnt mention warranty. I was surprised that the manufacturers stated they had not heard of Massdrop , and at the same time I could not find that model on their website. So Shoot me.
The model number is shown on the box in one of the pictures. With all respect, if you have this much worry about a $159 item, it‘s probably not for you.
I bought one of these for my wife for Valentine's Day last year, she loves it. The size is actually good for me, too, I have 6.75" wrists. Victorinox makes an incredibly solid watch. Very high quality, especially for this price.
Just a heads up, as mentioned, it is 38mm, but very thick. The larger 43mm does better with the thickness, but at 38mm it is less forgiving...
Anyone had experiences with these being fake from MassDrop? Does it come with any kind of warranty? I cant seem to find anything about it in the description.
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They are not fake, ignore the random comment below. I've purchased 3 different Victorinox quartz pieces here, all have been the real deal.
Massdrop does not deal in "fake" products.
Great looking watch for the $$$. I actually just sold the last of my Victorinox quartz pieces this past week, but they are what really kicked my watch habit in to high gear.
Good to see a utilitarian diver in a 38mm size, too, they are few and far between.
Just shipped for me, much earlier than expected. :))
It is not an original... Cheap copy
are you dumb?
Yes, appears to be so.
As someone with a relatively small wrist looking for a good quartz dive watch as a beater to round out the collection, I think this might be the one. Pulling the trigger on this.
what is the name/symbol of this model?
I'm fine with 38mm, but 19mm lug width? THAT is a watch killer.
Yep, it's a pain finding odd width bands, 18,20,22 are common, 19 and 21 are not.
Actually, any 20mm nylon or fabric strap will fit fine. Some rubber 20mm straps may be hard to fit, but most can be squeezed down by 1mm. Removing it might be tough. A 20mm NATO-style strap will fit, no problem.
Why all the hate on the size? We can't all have big wrists. Under 40mm doesn't automatically make the watch ladies' size. I prefer the smaller cases, and appreciate that MD looks out for us, as well.
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I wear it on my "third arm," heh, heh.
Another tiny diver
Looks like someone is trying to unload small watches in a market that likes large ones...
The market is shifting downward slightly on watch sizes.
Band is 19mm however, Why not just make it 18for that size and make it more easily replaceable
If you are a little bit more familliar with victorinox watche you would know that all their straps have these strange sizes just for the lolzs
Honesty, this would be a nice ladies watch with the current colorway, at 38 mm.
Only white color ?
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I talked about dial. Band is never a problem ;-)
OK, makes sense.