Victorinox Swiss Army Knife: 3.6-Inch Huntsmansearch

Victorinox Swiss Army Knife: 3.6-Inch Huntsman

Victorinox Swiss Army Knife: 3.6-Inch Huntsman

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Does anyone know if all colors of this version (or any of these colors) includes the very small eyeglasses size screw driver that used to screw into the cork screw on previous models? I had a red Huntsman that I got years ago that didn't have the saw, but featured the little eyeglasses size screw driver as well as a small LED light. Had it taken by security in Malaysia :(
These don't, but looks like there is/was a Huntsman Plus that came with the plus scales (pen, small screwdriver, pin). You can get the little screwdriver separately... I've added them to all my SAKs.
Just wish it had a phillips head instead of a corkscrew. Mine has a phillips head but no saw. The screwdriver and saw are most handy for me! Also, a proper shot of the can opener usage might be helpful for some...
The Fieldmaster is the same as this but with a Philips instead of corkscrew.... only comes in red though.

Thanks for pointing that out! I don't drink wine anymore, and I'm a stickler for all tools being useful on a SAK. I even use the toothpick and tweezers all the time! That saw, though, is very nice. Had one on my old knife.
Is it just me or did we get a really early ship this time around? Estimated April 9 for me but shipped March 22?
None of the wood scale version on the Victorinox site includes tweezers and toothpick, are the images here correct???
I got the wood scale version from a previous drop and it has the tweezers and toothpick.
(note: I added the little screwdriver to the corkscrew... not included)
Wow! That makes it more awesome actually! I guess I'm in for the drop :-) Thanks for the quick reply!
Good deal on the hardwood. Only good if anti Amazon otherwise. Ymmv if you're outside the US.
"Shipping & Handling$2.75" to the U .S.A. is irritating, since MD usually ships watches (which are much heavier and in much larger boxes) for free.

Nevertheless, the hardwood handle is nice, and I went for it...even though I have I don't know how many VSA knives. Can't resist them. Assuming the $29.99 price is achieved, even with the shipping, it's a decent (though not extraordinary) price, especially for the hardwood handle.
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You're an !?!○+ if you don't realize that's exactly what any smart business/ company/ retailer does. If you think Amazon is too huge to bother looking at other retailers you don't have a clue. You look at your competition daily. Meet or beat their prices or make your service/product better. Follow drops for a while. Compare to Amazon. If you look, you'll see they drop prices regularly.
Thanks for your response Vagisil. I appreciate you starting your argument by name calling. That always shows the confidence level of the writer. Have a nice day.
Does this comes with the leather pouch/holster? Anyone can confirm before I join the drop.
Red scales, $34.99 WITH a belt pouch, Amazon Prime
Does anyone actually look at Amazon AT ALL before buying here?
Massdrop has some awesome deals - I have bought several Primus stoves at a great discount. Then they also have "deals" like this one. Both times a quick look on Amazon let me know if it was a good deal or not.
It's worth mentioning that this also has tweezers and a toothpick hidden away inside the tool's end.
As is so often the case the descriptions here are lacking or the pictures are lacking and I end up having to do so much work verifying features before I inevitably buy it elsewhere. In this case I will give the additional $2 to the company that wrote the complete add copy and showed pictures with ALL the features. Sending me out to the net to get info because you do not finish the job makes this site a big advertisement for Amazon and a few other vendors. Doesn't anybody proof read these adds? One last thing, I am not complaining about this item but about the last dozen or so times I have had this same experience on Massdrop and now I am just plain agitated!
Tweezers may matter to someone... the Huntsman includes tweezers and toothpick according to Victorinox, and from what I see in the images...
How long is the blade? 9cm?
I own one of these. It is a great knife. I use the sissors and bottle opener all the time. It also sharpens very easily. This is a great knife to keep on you.