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Victorinox Infantry Automatic Watch

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Is there a warranty that comes with this watch?
Great that they shipped quickly...but...I paid sales tax in Jersey and the shipping shows they were in Edison on Monday, now they are in Pennsylvania with an expected delivery date of Friday! I checked, and it was a 13 hour WALK from my house to Edison. I could literally have walked there and back to pick it up and had the watch sooner!!! LOL
From Edison to Pennsylvania...back to Edison...LOL Fun tracking the arrival.
I’d go for the bracelet model, as it’s a lot easier to find 23mm straps than steel. Just my .02 cents gang
A 24mm nato works fine.
I also have a hard time telling if there is any deployment clasp for the leather version?
It is not a deployant clasp.....tang and buckle.
does the stainless steel bracelet version also have yellow lume like the leather band version?
If this follows typical Victorinox methods, they are one and the same, just different strap or bracelet option.

Does this watch have a screw down crown?
No, it is not a screw down crown friend

For those of you "worried" about the 23mm watch strap size, here is a link to Amazon and 23 mm straps
And here is one for Ebay
Tempting but I change watch straps like my underwear. Can't deal with a 23mm lug width. That size doesn't even make sense on a 40mm dial :/ Would've been a snap buy at 20mm.
At over 100 watches in my collection, I wait for a GREAT deal before jumping. But... ETA 2824-2 movement, sapphire crystal, the gorgeous stainless steel bracelet, and in a size (40mm) that doesn't make me look like Flava Flav (lol) for under $200, I had to go for this one!!! Great job, great price Massdrop !!!!
Price is better on the brown strap, but I don't like a black dial with a brown strap, that's why I mentioned the stainless bracelet in my comment. But thanks.
Seth wears this watch in House of Cards. Good movement, too bad about the 40mm case and 23mm strap
is it worth buying from France? with extra such as VAT and customs duties...
ETA movement and sapphire crystal for this price is amazing even with French taxes. If you really like it, then it's worth it. I'd only make sure you get a warranty, IIRC Massdrop only offer warranty if it's written, doesn't seem like it's the case on this drop.