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Victorinox Infantry Classic Quartz Watch

Victorinox Infantry Classic Quartz Watch


Where's the price?

To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

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My father order one and still hasn't recieved it . What should i do ?
Check out their Help Center:

They have a contact form there if you didn't get the answer you were looking for.
Estimated ship date is Feb 19, 2018 PT.
got mine few days ago
it's like i was expecting,nothing special but clean nice casual watch for daily use.
as it was my very first massdrop purchase i am satisfied and confidence in massdrop site and since then joined another 4 drops.
thanks massdrop!
any drop that i want to join, is not available for Pakistan :(
I’m 15, should I get this as I have a passion for watches, and it looks really good for the price.
pls help 👍🏻
its a nice option if you are interested in a quartz watch. for starters perhaps you should try a Seiko SNK809. Gets you into an automatic watch with a display back for 1/2 the price and has a 3 year warranty.
38mm case with 22mm lug width is ... weird!
definitely not the norm but I find that a smaller difference btwn the case and strap size makes for a comfortable fitting watch. i own a 36mm watch with a 20mm strap on it and its one of the most comfortable watches i own.
What is the model number of this watch?
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