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Victorinox Infantry GMT Quartz Watch

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If anyone want to sell their watch, just let me know :)
Has anyone from Asia who bought the watches in November 2017 Flash Sale received their watches already? I am from Singapore and have yet to receive mine.
Yes, received during mid of jan in Malaysia
Received in Indonesia by mid of Jan. Although there was a delay in the local delivery.
Just got mine today. Looks and works great. Fits my small arm nicely. BTW, it has a 2-year international warranty that is stated in the included warranty card, just thought I mention it.
Another unwarrantied dud from massdrop. Clasp does not work, band cannot be adjusted. The Victorinox GMT watch, a gift for my son, arrived after Christmas, then we spent over an hour with proper watch tools, ( I have dozens of watches) before stopping, not wanting to manhandle and further bend the defective clasp. The unusual 23m band width will necessitate an additional custom band purchase, as massdrop will almost certainly do nothing, based on prior experience. This was my 2nd watch purchase from massdrop, the first was a long, unmitigated hell, also over a defective watch. Questionable source products, slow to non existent massdrop support, from a company with no phone number--I am an extremely disappointed watch collector. Remembering my last watch experience with massdrop going on literally for months, I'll share my story elsewhere.
Hey @rangel - sorry to hear that you've had two back to back bad experiences with Massdrop. It looks like your first experience was a while back, and while we definitely still have a lot of improving to do we have gotten a lot better in a number of places.
Have you already written a ticket to customer support for this issue? If you have and it's taking a while, I'll follow-up with the team to figure out what's going on. If you haven't, please do so - you can do it from your transactions page:
If you do end up feeling that they don't do enough to make things right, please feel free to let me know personally:
Thanks for the willingness to try us out a second time.
Does is comes whit a warranty card ?
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I think i will cancel my order, no warranty ?
Unless explicitly mentioned in the drop description, there is no warranty offered. If you did receive a defective watch, you might try to work it out with Massdrop to send you a replacement (I have read somewhere here that MD will try to make it right; I haven't had the need so far, though only 1 watch drop).
Got mine from the previous drop. Replaced the mesh band with a black vinyl band (you could see the 22mm band in the 23mm lug; not that bad).
The seconds hand does not line up with the markers, pointing to the space between two adjacent markers. Does anyone else have the same issue?
Otherwise, it's a beautiful watch.
I have this watch on a leather band and really like it (found it "used" for $112 on Amazon, but the watch I got looks brand new)...a couple notes on the GMT functionality - it's a bit odd. You can set the GMT hand by pulling the crown out 1 click and turning the crown the opposite direction of the way you turn it to set the date...but when you set the "home" time (2 clicks out on the crown), the GMT hand moves with it. So it takes a little tweaking. Easiest way to make it work is to set your home time, then go and adjust the GMT hand appropriately.
But it looks great on the wrist and is a perfect size in my opinion. I'd highly recommend it for anyone looking for a GMT watch that doesn't break the bank (and if you're ok with quartz, not mechanical - see the "breaking the bank" comment.)
I love this piece but find it too polished for having essentially a military aesthetic. Anyone here have experience getting a watch brushed at a jeweler or watch maker? How much did it cost?
brushing polished steel is a sin and you should be ashamed of yourself.
I got mine a couple weeks ago. Although it was 99 USD and not 129 USD like the current drop.
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i dont like the bracelet, have to change it on extra cost. so i could resist until BF2018 :-)
I like your logic there!
Regarding the bracelet, I wasn't too excited about it either, but it certainly has grown on me. It's more casual than I originally thought, and is much nicer than the pictures show. I actually really like it now and have no intentions to swap it out.
Still waiting out here but is on the way.
Got it yesterday. I confirm the 23mm lug width, I was a little bit skeptical about the band since I'm not a fan of milanese, but it is nicely made ( clasp is just ok ).
Lumes are beautifully done.
Hello everybody,
I just got mine. Initially, the second hand was moving forward and then it would go back a tick, and then resume normally. And then that would repeat. after a minute or so it seems to be working correctly. Is this a low battery indicator or a problem? The Victorinox website says quartz watches stop and then jump forward 4 seconds to indicate low battery. This isn't doing that.
That should absolutely not be happening. These watches are using either ETA or Sellita movements which as you said, will jump tick once every few seconds to indicate a low battery. They should never go backwards. I'd keep an eye on it.
Yes. That is the warning that the battery is going dead. Have two dive 500's. Both did the same thing. Replace battery and it will be just like new.
Just got mine. Wow. Much nicer than I anticipated. Thrilled with it well worth the wait

Mine have been stuck in germany since dec 23. Anyone else have the same problem? I am swedish.
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Underligt, du borde emaila fraktbolaget.
Avvaktar och ser om den dyker upp imorgon.
Mine arrived today (after a failed delivery attempt on Saturday - office was closed). Not a gift (well, a gift to me) so getting it before Xmas wasn't a big deal.
I have to say this watch is much nicer than the pictures show. I was a bit hesitant to buy because I wasn't sure I'd like the Milanese bracelet. It looked a little too dressy/formal in the pictures. It looks amazing in person though. The bracelet works very well with this watch and looks stunning. Simple, clean, classy, and perfectly suited as a very versatile watch - casual to formal wear.

Nice. Mine came today. Bought it for my dad. He loves it.
Mine arrived a couple of days ago and just opened the box on Christmas. My present to myself. This is a very elegant watch, with a mesh bracelet, which I've always liked. However, my experience with mesh bracelets has been that they're not very long. I have a 7 3/4 to 8 inch wrist and I like my watches to fit loosely. This one just barely fits, adjusted all the way to the end. The bracelet alone makes this well worth the hundred long as the bracelet will fit your wrist.
Mine arrived today. Right in the nick of time for Christmas. Beautiful watch at a fabulous price.
Still waiting for mine to arrive. Any photos to share?
Mine arrived today. Beautiful watch for an excellent price. Thanks Massdrop.
My tracking number is working now.
my tracking number does not work. anyone a tip?
Not for me too.
Just got my shipping e-mail earlier this evening as well.
We shall see if they arrive before the actual Holiday.
Contacted customer support yesterday they notified me that theyre still waiting for victorinox or whatever distro they buy from to send the bulk order to their warehouse
Alleluja! Your package from the Victorinox Infantry GMT Quartz Watch – Flash Sale drop has shipped. 19M AGO
Same. Recieved shipping notification. :)
Emailing about a shipping delay two days after the indicated ship date (and hinting at 30 days) is not what I would call acceptable customer service.
What’s up?
Just received a shipping notification email. Seems like the usual delay notification + it shipped glitch.
Best of luck and Happy Holidays to the rest of you!
I just got shipping email with tracking number (not yet in Fedex system), 20 minutes after getting "unexpected delay" email.
Same for me, email about delay this AM and shipping info this afternoon. I should have cancelled it while I had the chance.
Same here. Also got a shipping notification for the SKX.
Sigh..... as usual mass drop dropping the ball.
Nope, not at all :( still waiting for some updates ...
Still no news on shipping. Has someone received any shipping updates?
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It's waiting in GA?
So, what about shipping ?? Does anyone got news ??
I emailed support earlier today - they are "looking into it".....
Will we be notified on tracking info by Email?
Last couple of things I got from MassDrop, that's what happens.... an email, and if I recall, a tracking number too....