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Victorinox Infantry Vintage Chrono Quartz Watch

Victorinox Infantry Vintage Chrono Quartz Watch

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Does anyone has any lume shots?
I purchased this watch on the drop and have been very please with it. It is a nice size, and a very nice looking watch - one that I've got several nice comments about from others who have noticed it on my wrist. Very good quality like all Victorinox products I've had. Seems to keep very accurate time as you would expect. Well worth the price I think.
Dumb question but the band is genuine leather correct?
How much (if there is) is the customs shipping on this to the UK please? Don't want to get caught out like my last purchase.
It would be the VAT for the UK plus a few $ for handling.
this is not a true Infantry Vintage the date box is wrong the chronograph dials are not detailed the arabic numerals are much more pronounced. I have one from Victorinox
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Presumably you're referring to the model below. If so, from the slight difference in subdial layout it looks like they've switched from an ETA movement to a Ronda movement. These movements are commodity items and there's nothing particularly special about them, nor has the ETA movement been discontinued because it is "old technology". Indeed, the ETA is slightly more advanced than the Ronda. It's far more likely that the one in this drop is simply a new model. Watchmakers aren't immune from the whims and vagaries of fashion, after all. If anything, the new one is more traditional.

If we want to be really pedantic, vintage infantry watches never had chronographs or date windows!

Yes you are correct, mine has a green dial looks very neat, but, I have seen them with a navy blue dial and this black face one here. I like the extra detail, it feels very solid on your wrist also.
I bought this watch a few drops ago - best watch I own - you can feel the swiss quality and everything is on point.. My wrist is pretty big (around 8ish) and it still fits pretty good.
42mm dial is the smallest I can go. I have a big wrist so 40mm looks almost like a ladies watch on me. If this watch was 42mm I'd buy.
What is the buckle width of this watch?
Nice! Shame about the oddball 23mm lug width, otherwise I'd be pulling the trigger.
23mm is only a minor inconvenience. I found a local guy who made me a nato strap out of leather for very reasonable ($45ish). After over a year it's still my favorite strap and fits the 23mm lugs perfectly.
Is there any noctilucent paint on the watch‘s hands? All the Victorinox watches I’ve ever seen have this feature, but I’m not familiar with every offering in the Victorinox catalog and the absence in the description here is not a sure declaration that this seemingly ubiquitous Victorinox feature is not offered.
Since noone answered this, and for any future drops, the answer is yes. Both the watch hand and the numbers are painted with noctilucent paint.
I was quite interested in the scratch-resistance of the watch-face, after seeing a bunch of videos about different material hardness, I unscientifically tested out it out on this particular model (241588).

On the first few days of usage, I went into a shop that used tempered glass shelves for their clothing displays. I tested the "sapphire crystal" watch-face on the edge of the shelves and was quite unhappy to find that the watch-face was actually scratched, the scratch was micro and can only be seen if it was looked at carefully under bright lighting, but it's still a scratch nonetheless. Sapphire shouldn't scratch against tempered glass. If it can be scratched by tempered glass, I wouldn't be surprised if it could be scratched by granite or porcelain. Just something to take note of.
hello, what is the shipping price to Germany?
What is the weight of this watch?
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I think that may be shipping weight and not the actual weight of the watch. I don't believe this watch weighs almost 1 pound.
There appears to be an error in Amazon's description. They have the shipping weight at 1.5lbs and the item weight at an incredible 2lbs.