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Victorinox Maverick Sport Chronograph Watch

Victorinox Maverick Sport Chronograph Watch

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purchased on Feb 21, 2017 received on Mar 25, 2017 By DHL
the watch is very nice.
Any issues getting it to run?
Made in?
Porrentruy, Switzerland
Made in?
I own several of the Victorinox/Swiss Army Maverick chronographs in all of the different colored bezels (some are 10 years old) and all have been reliable other than needing batteries every couple of years. This is Victorinox model #241681.

I'm interested in this one, but am unclear as to the black bezel part - is is rubber, or a black matte finish over metal, or what? An Amzon reviewer says it is a nylon fiber material.

Massdrop, can you weigh in?
are you joining the drop?
The Bezel is nylon injected fiber
From what country the watch i sended.
I think that THIS info should be compulsory. Dear MD, please understand ...
If you do not tell us from where the item is shipped, you are not telling us the final price because various importing fees and taxes would apply.
For me the difference is important
because in case supplay from Europe extra costs, like taxes will be lower
this is sold in the Invicta 0690 watch, 6 jewel
it looks sharp, but is there any quality issues we have experienced in the past with the Victorinox, I have one watch from here and no regrets so far. just trying to understand the value and is it worth the 159.99, thats all
what is the cost or value of the " Ronda 5030.D quartz " Movement in this watch does anyone know??

To buy just one Ronda 5030.D quartz movement it's $ 55. It's probably considerably less When you buy multiple movement.
Thanks good information
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