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Victorinox Swiss Army Dive Master 500 Watch

Victorinox Swiss Army Dive Master 500 Watch

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can anyone comment on time keeping of this watch? the movment is an eta 2892-a2 elabore grade which is rated around +/- 5 seconds, just curious if the watches you received are within spec still or might need regulation/service
Mine just arrived perfectly! Great watch and great price!

Thanks Massdrop! 👍🏻
Does this watch exist in a smaller size?
I love how it looks but I'm afraid 53mm l2l will be too big.
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It's long for sure with the 53mm L2L, but the diameter isn't too bad really at 43
Well that's the thing, if it was a bit smaller in l2l it might have been ok but my wrist is only 6"3/8.
I think it would look too big.
Massdrop should start a Scuba Diving Community, since there are clearly so many scuba divers here.
If it means more watches like this, go for it! Its been a little borinng on here the last couple of weeks...
If anyone can tell us how old these are and the situation with the warranty?
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It says on their questions page that their warranty stopped January 1st and after that point it is only manufacturer warranty that counts. Logically this would mean there is no warranty on this drop
Search warranty in the help center
Victorinox with all these features, 500M WR (wow~!), definitely worth considering for those who has yet had any diver watch...
I have had the same watch for 5 yrs, now paid $1000.
Worth the money trust me.
Does this come with a manufacture's warranty?
Love it! Bought it! Join in! Victorinox Watches are great!
399 is a great price, pity its not SS, not so sure about the PVD finish of the case
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Hi again, I am not sure how old these are but they are the newer models compared to what I own, and at the time I purchased mine, these were definitely not available. You can tell the difference by looking at this picture, which is the model I own. The date box is a different style and the markings on the dial from the 12 o-clock position to the 4 o-clock position is also different. I will say that mine definitely needs servicing at this point, I've been not-too-gentle and banged these on doors or tables by accident quite a bit, so it's losing time right now even though when I first got it, it was running +6 seconds a day and that lasted for about 4 years. Anyway, if you got more questions I'm happy to answer them. And yes, I agree that MD should let buyers know how old these are.

EDIT: just Googled this model, and it looks like it's discontinued by the manufacture at this point, it isn't listed on their site and some other sources claiming that the Dive Master 500 is no longer produced.

Not older than 5 years.

My AD was still selling these last year.
Yes, $1250 was the MSRP for the DM500. With Victorinox however, it is relatively common to find them on sale or discounted.
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This watch checks a lot of boxes really. ETA 2892 movment (generally considered a step up over 2824), Sapphire Crystal, and a 500m depth rating? A lot of bang for the buck if you like the size and color. $399 is a steal on this.
This is going to be my first automatic! :D
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