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Victorinox Swiss Army Knives Spartan PS

Victorinox Swiss Army Knives Spartan PS

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Lanyard and key ring listed as a tool. Seems like a stretch there.
So, is the PS coating just a glossy black/gunmetal color or are there other colors in it?
Can you please make this thing ship to Bulgaria. I don't get it, I have bought Victorinox Swiss Army Knives from massdrop before without any issue. Why it's not possible for this one?
Is the finish really worth the extra 30+ bucks?

I have a SAK Compact model and use it almost every day. They're great tools.
I think it's a matter of taste. The PS coating gives is a nice sheen that really pops. Whether or not it's worth the +$30 is your call...I got mine outside of Massdrop for around $75 if I recall correctly.
Please do one of the smaller SAK’s like a Rambler or MiniChamp! ALOX would be the cats pajamas!!
Knife arrived & is nice. Shipment was well ahead of projected date which is appreciated. However I don’t think Massdrop is doing themselves any favors by using FedEx for shipping - at least in my area. It took one week to the day to travel the 295 miles from Edison, NJ to upstate NY. FedEx just uses their ‘Smart Post’ which means they use the USPS for final delivery.
Additionally I’m not pleased with the inability to enter a PO Box as a shipping address. That is my address as I have no street delivery to my home from my local post office. Small packages are far more secure locked in my PO Box than they would be in a roadside mailbox anyway.
$2.75 shipping charge to NY. Most watches are shipped free by MD, but not an item weighing a few ounces?
I'm pretty sure VSA knives still offer a lifetime warranty. And at least when I've availed myself of this warranty, I was not asked to provide a receipt or proof that I was the original owner. The warranty alone is a pretty big deal, in my opinion. I've probably owned twenty of these knives over the years and keep buying them, even though I've never been in a situation where I really needed one (knocking on wood).
With more robust multi tools (Leatherman, etc), do folks still use Swiss Army Knives? I thought these were the coolest things as a kid and still love the look but have never pulled the trigger because the tools just seem so fragile compared to more modern designed multi tools.
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I'll chime in on this as I subscribed to a similar notion. My girlfriend bought me a Spartan for Christmas in '15 and I literally just started using it 2 weeks ago. Last night I did the unthinkable and apologized to her for not using her gift sooner. This thing is the slayer of boxes, and the blade stays surprisingly sharp. I typically carry a mid sized Spyderco or Benchmade folder and then a smaller cheaper 'beater' as a backup in case someone asks to use one of mine. I switched my smaller folder for this one and I don't regret it one bit. It also makes for a really capable office-friendly EDC tool when you are around people who are triggered by 'murdery' looking knives like spyderco's, LOL. And for their pricing, even without the warranty, it's still a great deal. They sharpen up easy, resist corrosion pretty well, and keep a decent edge, considering their thin profile.

I own a bunch of stuff so no dog in this fight. Here’s my take .

The one I reach for the most often is the Leatherman Wave with full bit set in a nylon case. Its a real pliers. It’s all self contained and it has a upgraded 420HC steel blade. However I also for the last 20+ years reach often for the Swiss Champion. If you own one SAK that’s the one to buy. I have regularly used the corkscrew, miniature flathead screwdriver that fits inside that screw, the wood saw, the can opener, even knowing I can grab a file. i like the scissors on the SAK better but both are highly useful.

These are tools I can throw in a checked suitcase and at destination know I can do a lot without having to bother my hosts or call hotel maintenance for stupid stuff. Or even have to buy a tool at 7/11. When I travel I always throw the SAK in never the Wave. It’s lighter. The knives are functional though they don’t lock.

I just returned from Alaska and I did pack the SAK Champion. I used the scissors so often I immediately ordered the Classic SD in Alox (slim, no toothpick or tweezers) for my keychain. I’m using it daily. The knife on there is the AG Russell ultimate pen knife in titanium with VG10 steel. Love that little knife. (It doesn’t lock.)

my pocket carry is the CRK Sebenza small 21 in lefty so this SAK wouldn’t be on my radar.
hope this helps

Does it come with the straight pin?
I checked. The price is currently $90 here in Switzerland. That fancy metal coating must be something. Regular Spartan's are $19.95 all day long. I suggest doing this treatment to their "Sentinel One Hand Clip" model.
Here is a link to a very popular site here:
Can be a good collector item.
I do find it amusing how a lanyard and key ring are considered tools. Wow
Bloody corkscrew...why does it have to have a corkscrew? I mean no one uses the corkscrew.
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well no one enjoys turning Phillips screws, so not saying much
A Swiss army knife corkscrew is my favorite tool for opening wine bottles. The can opener is another great kitchen tool.
The PS coating on these is quite nice. It's like a shiny blackwash. Anyone looking for a "storm trooper" SAK would be well-served with the white.

Had I known Massdrop was going to offer these, I could have saved myself ~$28 for the pair. Pretty solid deal.