Victorinox Swiss Army Knives: SwissChamp Seriessearch

Victorinox Swiss Army Knives: SwissChamp Series

Victorinox Swiss Army Knives: SwissChamp Series

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Wow, these are big and heavy. At this size, I think I'd consider a Swisstool Spirit or even a full-sized Swisstool. I understand the appeal of the traditional SAK design, but even my large Swisstool RS is thinner in the pocket.
Great its cheaper on Amazon tell me again what the deal is?
I wish Massdrop could arrange a custom run with Victorinox. Something not available elsewhere like the Yeoman or a Pioneer X with a saw and file.
well I just checked on the Customer page it tells me the champ is shipped on Feb 1, 2017
The standard colors for this can be found at $61.80 shipped in the USA from a shoppe that sells cutlery.

Unfortunately, what made the previous Huntsman drop excellent (no +$20.00) didn't happen here for the Hardwood scales.
It is 67.95 in moosejaw right now what is the savings.
Did you mean this Midnite MiniChamp?

That's not the same as the SwissChamp.

Already $64.99 in black, too. In 2 days if you have prime.
Way too thick to be useful as a pocket knife, should offer a smaller version instead with the basics.
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I've been carrying it in my pocket every day for over 25 years. Nothing gets more useful than that!
I have a cybertool 41 (same size as the swisschamp) in my pocket every day. And it's being used every day.
$60 at Amazon after $10 off special for items over $50.
$64.95, but yes... eliminates the point of this drop.
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