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Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

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Pliers? Not sure what equiv. leatherman looks like/its a different animal, right? These are my fav SAK actual carry tools, with USB added. Since I am a computer/data geek, I ordered both versions. If the threshold is reached, do the early sign-on people given the discount too?
16 gb USB drive, so useless! I’d rather them provide one with higher capacity at higher price.
They are still using USB drives with capacities from 10 years ago, I don't understand how companies are still doing this with products at this price point.
Reallllly wish the “ruby“ components came with the nice Alox look. The clear plastic aesthetic has never held any appeal - just looks cheap to me.
Completely agree.
TSA doesnt "approve" but they don't have issues with small scissors. I have the teeny leatherman with small scissors - they look at it each time so it's best to have it on the outside of the bag. chances are it would be taken in a foreign country flying back to us.

i joined drop.
Is this TSA approved?
I would not risk it, it may be approved at one airport and confiscated at the next.

There is no bargaining with TSA/Customs when they decide to confiscate your pocket tool.
Looks like a good piece of EDC for those that travel internationallyon a regular basis.
No knife? No thanks.
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Yes, I guess if you get the upgraded version.
The second base price model also has a blade.
Is this is white light or a red colour light?
This is silly
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Leatherman comes with life time warranty, get it replaced.
It's a poor design, the flex-back scissors when used more often than rarely will just break again - two out of the four broke in the exact same way. I'm also pretty sure S&H will be at least $5-10. The 4pc set from Costco was $20 - $25.

The angled screwdriver has been more useful than I would of expected, it can be used on so many different sized (and shaped) screws in a pinch. Whereas the Pliers aren't strong enough to be used for much, and the bottle opener works fine.
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