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Viking 5-Ply Nonstick Covered Fry Pans

Viking 5-Ply Nonstick Covered Fry Pans

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Just got mine in the mail. The 10” pan is fine.
The 12” pan seemed to be dinged up & scratched around the outer edges by the included lid. I am happy this includes the lid, but packaging has to be better! The lid is totally movement free even with the cardboard protector on the lid. No ocd here but this can’t be ignored. A simple cardboard around the edge of the pan can resolve this point of contact between the lid & pan.
Contacting customer support
about this!
The 8” size would be a nice compliment to add to the available sizes. Any chance this will be available in the future?
So I just received this, however upon opening up the box I'm a little concerned because the lid was in the pan upside-down so the handle seems like it was able to hit the top/inside of the edge in a few places, despite the cardboard holder for the lid. It appears there's a little wearing/damage to the non-stick coating in a few places. I just sent a message to (owners of the Viking brand).

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Massdrop offered a refund, I decided it's not so bad so I'm just keeping it and using it. It's really far up in areas I won't really be getting to at all. Viking really should package this a LOT better. Not Massdrop's fault, it was the sealed Viking box in another regular, properly packed regular box from Massdrop.
Thank you for your input. I bought 2 of the 12”, one for myself & the second was suppose to be a gift. I guess I’m going to keep the damaged one & gift the other one.
Not any fault on Massdrop, but they should voice feedback from customers on our behalf to correct this issue.
The non-stick ceramic on this is durable? The Amazon reviews for GreenPan Venice Pro are pretty disappointing, most saying it starts to degrade/come off within just a few months of regular use.

As a note, the current Amazon for the 10" is $170, so if you can wait this is a pretty fair deal.
I wonder if these lids would fit well on the Viking Professional 5-ply pans available in another drop:
Yes the lid will fit both pans as long as they're the same size. I bought both the 12" non stick and 12 "stainless steel pans from previous drops on Massdrop. The lid fits perfectly for both pans. Both are actually the same pan one with non stick coating and one without. They are very good top notch pans I use them exclusively for anything that needs frying daily. I have retired my other lesser frying pans in the cupboard.
We have a set if Zwilling stainless steel at home which I seasoned (yes, you can season stainless steel, it doesn't exactly make it n on-stick but does make it much easier to hand clean with ablittle hot water and sponge). I got one Zwilling fry pan with their ceramic non-stick just to have one good non-stick option for things like fried eggs. It was great at first, but even with a rediculous amoubt of fuss and care, after just a few month it was unusable. So, I got this to replace it the last time it was on here (maybe in october). It came in in December and had been great. I onlybuse it when I really need a n on-stick option, but when I do it is a great pan. The lid is a nice feature, since many large fry pans don't include them. It heats well, cleans well and is solid and appears well built (one of the few made in the USA, btw). I would absolutely recomend this to anyone and would fully expect you could get about 10 years out of it with moderate use, so long as you hand-wash without abrasives, and don't use metal utensils.
Other than the lid, what’s the difference between this and the other viking fry pan on here? I kind of thought all stainless cook surfaces were non-stick...
No, stainless steel is not non-stick, it's that it's a hard surface that you can use any kind of utensil on and won't really damage it, put it in the stove if you need, and generally doesn't stain/rust if you clean it shortly after using and dry it off.
Still waiting for non-coated nonstick pans to emerge in the market (or there already is?)
still annoyed the two pans for 59 got cancelled after you collected the money, this is nowhere near as good of a deal
what's with all the lemons in the marketing material??
The new non-stick coatings are pretty amazing. Most are ceramic based, so tough as nails (compared to soft Teflon), more effective than Teflon. I got one frypan with one of the modern coatings a few years ago, and over the last few years have completely turned over all my straight stainless steel for stainless steel coated with the new non-stick coatings. My opinion - they're not as non-stick as Teflon, but close enough. Others will say they're more non-stick. YMMV.

I take issue with the article posted above that says the new ceramics are more delicate than Teflon. My son isn't terribly careful about anything, and can destroy a Teflon pan in three or four visits. I've caught him using stainless steel utensils in the ceramic pots and pans, zero damage. I would NOT try that, though. Ceramic coatings are pretty thin compared to other non-stick coatings. It's possible to scratch almost anything, given sufficient lack of attention.

I think these area pretty decent deal, and Viking does a great job of making killer pots and pans, at a price. I'm not joining the drop, not because of anything about these pans, but because I'm deep in skillets of various sizes with ceramic coatings.
My concern is the aluminum layer. Is it on the inside with the nonstick coating over it. All my cooking is done on stainless steel since Alzheimer's is known for a build up of aluminum in the brain.
Actually that's not true. The relationship between aluminum and Alzheimer's was debunked decades ago (after rising in prominence in the 1960s and 1970s). Turns out that there were trace elements of aluminum in the reagents used for preparing samples for testing, and that's what was detected. They also were looking at an animal model for one specific animal, and that animal happens to accumulate aluminum in metabolism at multiple times any other animal... and good statistical analysis showed that even then there was zero correlation or causation. If you're worried about aluminum and you drink tea, you're likely getting a multiple of the amount of aluminum in your daily cuppa than you would from a full day of cooking in aluminum (tea plants consolidate aluminum). Drinking tea has zero correlation with the disease. This from the head of neurofunctional research specializing in Alzheimer's and Parkinson's at one of the top medical schools in the country (who I worked with on an AI study of the disease... we used the aluminum hypothesis as one of the negative training data sets.)

So, I wouldn't worry about aluminum and Alzheimer's. Go do some reading to satisfy yourself. I'd worry more about the PTFE in Teflon, for other reasons... which is why pans now don't use Teflon.
Don’t worry. The aluminum layer is sandwiched between two layers of stainless steel. The PFOA free nonstick is on top of a layer of stainless steel.
I'm really worried about the coating
Spending 120$ for a pan is a lot
If it lasts for at least 5 years than fine, but I'm not sure about it at all
If I can make a shitty commercial Teflon pan last a year in a commercial kitchen being used all day, you can make this last 5 years and hopefully more at home.

Viking makes good shit. Personally I use stainless, carbon steel, and cast iron pans at home.
Just buy a tramontina and spend the big bucks on a le creuset dutch oven or all clad stainless