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Viofo A119S V2 Dash Cams

Viofo A119S V2 Dash Cams

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What hardware (lens) version is this? I believe the latest is v3 (so it would be the A119s v2 with hardware version 3)
These have a capacitor instead of a battery. They should last longer and operate in hot climate areas.
when you leave your car parked out in the sun, the internal temperatures can reach 170°F after a few hours !!
A camera with a lithium battery will die in less than a year. Such has happened to two of my Xiaomi Yi Dash cams :(
I now have a Viofo A119 and A119S and they're both running fine for over a year.
Still waiting for a Thinkware drop...
Save your money.
This is $70 on Ebay:
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I stand corrected. Thanks :-)
Oh, that's interesting! I'd heard the Sony sensor was better, but from sources that were mostly talking about better night-time performance. Good to know 👍
This is $10 cheaper on Amazon.
I second the polarizer for the cam. It makes night scenes A little darker (CPLs have ND filter-like effects as a side effect of the polarization) but it essentially removes all glare from the scene and is exceptionally useful since the intent of a dash cam is to capture other cars which are usually glossy and can produce a lot of glare
I've been using this dashcam since December in my Camry and it works well. I bought it for insurance, so to speak, after a friend successfully resolved a disputed accident in his favor, thanks to his dashcam footage!

I did some thorough reading on dashcam forums and this model kept coming up as the best for this sensor and chipset. Sure there are better dashcams using better sensors and chipsets out there, but they will cost you much more. This one has a good balance of quality and price.

Included are little sticky pads with loops. I used those to route the lengthy USB power cable from the dashcam, mounted just underneath my rear-view mirror, along the top of the windshield into the A-pillar, down into the kickplate, underneath the front passenger seat and up to the DC port in the center console. I don't even notice it anymore.

Do get the GPS add-on. I had to pay $20 extra, not $5 as it is here. Another add-on, though not available on this Massdrop, is a polarizing lens to reduce reflections and glare. You can get it on amazon under VIOFO A11CPL

Note, you will need to obtain a microSD card as well.
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