Viotek 24-inch Ultra-Thin LED Computer Monitorsearch

Viotek 24-inch Ultra-Thin LED Computer Monitor

Viotek 24-inch Ultra-Thin LED Computer Monitor

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Oh no, I'm seeing people dropping like flies from this drop.
Drop for South East Asia please!
MD no longer ships any monitors internationally. B.Hutch said because of the high shipping cost but I'm pretty sure that's not the complete story, there's something else involved. I mean if it was that simple, MD could've just displayed the high shipping cost which would dissuade any potential international buyers on its own. My guess is that MD doesn't want to assume any service obligations for monitors internationally since customers are very picky about the screens and may want to return them for one reason or another (dead pixels is the most common complaint).

Bottomline: don't even bother looking at monitor drops here any more, they are all US-only now.
I'm already going crazy if they don't start shipping monitors internationally again.
Why it's not available in Canada?
It's quite obvious MD is aiming to reduce its international customer base, that's why.
Does it have VESA Mounts? Amazon is split on it, some people can and some cannot mount it!
This monitor does not and has never had VESA mounts. So, if there are reviews for this monitor on Amazon of people stating they have mounted it, they have created their own custom mounting brackets OR its fake reviews.
Thanks...that helps!

Good looking monitor though
How does this compare to the Samsung model found at Sam's club for the same price? Is Viotek a better brand of monitor than Samsung? The Samsung has a 4 ms response time compare to this one at 14 ms.
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I went back to check again and the 4ms is GtG response time. As for the bezel, that doesn't really affect my choice. I was also looking to use it mounted on an arm so the stand doesn't have much influence in that part of the decision. I will have to check to see if the Samsung has VESA capabilities. From what I've seen, the Viotek does not. I did notice that the Samsung lists that it has freesync capabilities. The Viotek mentions special gaming mode but doesn't use the buzzword freesync in the description. I guess one is about as good as the other.
Yes, before I was referring to this Viotek monitor that we are offering. The Response time for on/off is 14ms. I do not have the GtG response time confirmed yet. That is why I said 5ms is my guess as most monitors with a 14ms on/off response time they will have a 5ms GtG.
Another monitor drop that doesn't ship outside of the US? What a shame.
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