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ViperSharp V2 Sharpening System with Strop

ViperSharp V2 Sharpening System with Strop

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I am generally not happy with this sharpener, having to readjust it every time you change side so that you don't get an uneven grind just sucks as far as I am concerned. Plus the stones are warped and the clamp is the wrong size and is always in the way. Not a good product IMO wish I just got a KME or edge pro instead for the price.
Email me about this and I'll take care of you. I'm curious about your feedback. The comment about the clamp and stones seems way out of place. My clamp is a lower profile than any on the market. Definitely more "out of the way" than the KME. The stones warped? Show my pics. I can't imagine how that is even possible but if it did get sent out that way I'll cover it under warranty. Try some communication. I'm not a big faceless manufacturer. I'm an American trying to create a product made in the USA and make it great. I'm sorry you have not enjoyed it and sorry you felt a negative review was the way to handle this but Contact me and I'll make sure you are happy even if that is a refund. I'm reasonable.
For anybody watching for this to come back. It's up here: The system changed enough that MD decided to do a completely new drop.
I'm working on getting a new large order put together so I can bring more of these to market. I am ordering harder 1200 stones for the ceramic sets and have been working on diamond stones and developing a granite base option. I'm moving these updates as fast as I can and it looks like I'll be able to bring it to the market without having to wait for a kickstarter. thanks everyone for the feedback and interest. Good things are coming soon!
My 1200 has a crack across it and feels unlike and other 1200 ceramic stone I have. After soaking for 15 minutes it never feels smooth across the knife edge. Any help? Additionally the 1200 has a massively uneven edge with a big dip across the middle


Email me. for warranty questions.
Hey @1stmeridian - The system arrived today and looks great, but was missing the strop. Should I go through massdrop support, or work with you?
Soaking my stones now, can't wait to get a nice edge back on my chefs knife.
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An update for anyone following along - The warehouse had inventory from a previous drop, and shipped me a unit earlier than expected. Customer service has been awesome and is getting me the right kit a little later in august.
Glad to hear it worked out, and thanks for updating the group. Good stuff.
Met ViperSharp_Mike the other day at a knife store I work at. Super nice guy and a great product. I'm looking forward to the diamond stones and strop as well. In on this for sure! Ended up selling one of the V1's right after he walked out the door.
I guess I need to get back in there! lol
Any idea if the diamond stones will be monocrystalline ? Thx
Any idea #1stmeridian?
I believe so. I need to check into it.
what sets this apart from a kme? apologies if this has been asked
comes with the base. It will do slightly lower angles. KME is a great system. That's one I feel is pretty solid.
The jaws on the clamp look straight. How well does this hold a thick FFG knife, like say a Manix2 or my Spyderco superleaf? I worry about tilting and an uneven hold.
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I'm glad to hear that. It does seem to grab about anything pretty well but I'll offer even better options in the future.
Okay cool I was thinking of a design in my head too. Love the Vipersharp and the way you're constantly improving it. Great work!
I wish the base had a clamp so I could clamp it to my counter
Any C-clamp will work fine for that.
Loving my system. Really solid and puts a great edge on things. I did a lot of research and felt like this was the best bang for the buck. I have had zero problems with the stones and no troubles with anything else for that matter. Really solid product, I am very much enjoying it. I do need to get in on the diamond stones and strop though! Thanks again Mike for the great product and even better customer service.
Thanks Ryan. Most people are like you. Not sure what the few unhappy are doing but I'll refund if they want. :)
My only problem will be (hope not) customs extra charges
This kit comes with 6 stones and a strop?
I have this system my stones came cracked and the angle guide is had because of the guide screw moving up and down as apposed to being fixed my stones were softer than my knife steel so I ended up shaving my stones instead of sharpening my knives would not recommend this product
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I understand that I've used it and it does work well with certain steels it can be approved apon but that doesn't mean it's not good
I have used similar kits personally I prefer this one the nob at the top is a big plus easy to use like my kitchen knives are scary sharp lol
I've been keeping up with the discussions,and I have to say that as soon as the system comes available with diamonds and strops I'll be on board. That's how nice a rig this seems to be to me...I will admit that I'm a knife sharpaholic and am constantly on the search for sharpening stuff. I think just like shooting was my buzz. Reloading and the gear to do it replaced that buzz . Now my knife buzz, the sharpening has taken over. And I love all the sharpening systems especially the angle jig set-up's. Lanskey started it for me, but it most the time ,in ways, came up short. So after all the variations of that machine. Please understand it's become the addiction of a device doing the job. Perfectly sharpening "just the edge", simply and mistake free. No disrespect but the cost , in my case ,was not an issue. So next I threw down on the Wicked Edge, and I do mean throw down $$$. Never really got the hang of it,and would love to sell it . Then the KME caught my eye, and I have absolutely enjoyed its work. But it has it's faults . So even though I've found some happiness . Big blades plagued me. So recently I've secured one of the Russian Tsprof . Very big ,nice ,and expensive. But still from what I've figured out and spent a lot of money on. I very much like what all the Viper Sharp has to offer. Especially the value for the dollar spent .
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Oh nice. I had no idea to a degree that your system was meant more for EDC knives and not kitchen. But it's great that it can accommodate them. I'll watch it soon.
Good real life video ,sped up at times ,very easy to follow narrative . Then some quick food prep. Well done sir . Kept me interested ,and I learned something... this is a product that I look forward to owning and useing someday ,when a diamond and strops ,or microfilms are a package deal . The man has taken a lot of concepts that work well,improved upon them ,and has it all right there in front of you. Outstanding ,,,Package the diamond and strop kit and I'll buy a few. I have relatives and good friends that could use one of these and the price is right
How are the ceramic and Arkansas stones with sharpening harder steels like d2 and m390? Very nice set up, but I'm concerned with the ability to sharpen harder steels without the diamond. Any guidance or knowledge would be greatly appreciated.
Diamond will do best. The 220 ceramic can do hard steels with a lot of work but diamond is best. I'm working on it.
Not a criticism of this unit, but more a question, is there a good, angle-controlled sharpening system that can do serrated edges? This really bugs me, I have several partially serrated edge knives and I can only sharpen the regular edge portion. Any info would be appreciated.
I get this request now and then. I don't know that the demand is big enough for the cost of design and manufacture but iut is something I want to offer.
Hey man, I'm not financially stable enough to get in on your kit yet, but the amount of community involvement I've seen you provide is insane. When I'm ready to bump my sharp game up you've already sold me. I have a hand-me-down knockoff Lansky kit that my granddad cobbled together in his workshop, and when he passed, I inherited the bench and everything that was on it. It works... But I've been wanting to upgrade for a while.
It won't be this drop, but at some point in the future I look forward to getting in on your system. Thanks for all your advice and sharing!!! It's awesome to see!
I really like the idea of this. I recently got an Edge Pro and don't like it very much, so I think I'm going to try this - especially at this price. Question: is the base heavy enough to be used without securing it to a bigger wooden block? I see it was secured to a big wooden cutting board of some sort in the video.
EDIT: Never mind, I see the instructions say you can clamp it to a table instead. Also, ordered!
Hmm, I just committed in for this drop, but the news that there's diamond stones coming down in the next one is making me rethink.
@1stmeridian - Do you know what the expected cost outside of the drop will be for diamond stones if I stick this one out?
I don't see the diamond being cheaper here. I'll offer them cheap to all my followers/current customers first.
I bought one in the last drop. Honestly... it's by far the best sharpening system in its range. It's even better than the expensive models. 1stmeridian listens to customers and is speedy and attentive with his answers and advice. Here's a hint: If you use an iPhone, it has a angle finder built in (find the compass and swipe left) and you can use this to set the sharpening angle.
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I think this new drop comes with a strop.
Yes it does
I'm a bit confused about the sharpening angles this unit can do the Vipersharp V2. Is there more than one unit? In the massdrop description you say 20-22 degrees. In this forum you said it can do between 14-35 degrees and in the YouTube video you say 13+35 degrees. So what is it? You're making this very confusing and I don't want to be very disappointed. If I decide to buy your product and I have to ship it internationally and returns are almost impossible to do, and it will be a waste of my money!
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Well said. Thank you.
I have small pocket knives that I'm not worried about and several large Asian kitchen knives that have low angles of 15 degrees and lower. Now that you have made cleared the angles question, that it's more of a rough guideline than a hard set of fix numbers of degrees. Thanks you guys for your answers.
If I were in the market for a knife sharpener in this price range, this unit would be on my list of finalists, but I think I'd probably opt for the KME in t simply because of the much wider array of available abrasives which includes diamond stones, lapping films, and strops. It does look like the Viper Sharp has a superior clamp design because it doesn't have any way pivot out of the horizontal position which can be a problem with longer blades on the KME.
I have a Wicked Edge and love it, but it is significantly more expensive than the Viper Sharp.
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Well guess what? lol. that is actually what I'm hoping. It may be a few months down the road but it is coming.
I'd be interested once they come out...
Shout out to @1stmeridian for taking some great community feedback and making some immediate improvements:
1) There is now a 6th stone @ 1200 grit for an even finer edge. 2) The rubber o-rings have been upgraded to a locking washer to eliminate slipping of the rod position.
Very cool. Thanks to those who made the suggestions and Mike for acting on them so quickly! This is what happens when members are connected to makers on platforms like Massdrop.
Truly. It was amazing just reading through all the past comments- made me all warm and fuzzy!
Just to clarify for those wondering about diamond stones. They are available as a pre-order add on through the site. The lead time on them is only about 10 days and that will get shorter as each order is made.
Through what site? I do not see it through Massdrop's order form.
Sorry, the add-ons would be ordered through
I would really like to join the drop... but my country of residence is not on the list... what can I do?
If Massdrop ships anything to your country, we should be able to ship this. If your country is not on the list, it may be one of the countries that our parcel carrier does not deliver to. Sorry about that, hope we can open up shipping in the near future.
No problem... 1stmeridian came to the rescue and shipped direct. However there are quite a few drops I've miss out on because of shipping restrictions.
Will the sharpener be offered with just diamond stones? I'm wondering if I should join this drop or wait until the diamond stones come out.
Join the drop. The diamond stones are a higher cost but adding them to this price won't be too bad.
If you need this to sharpen a knife just buy a disposable blade
Shame diamond stones don't come stock. A lot of the harder steels like S110V or ZDP189 take forever on softer stones. What angles can this sharpen at?
ViperSharp will do angles starting at about 14 and up to 35. Diamond stones are expensive. I wish I could offer them at this price but have not found a source that will offer them low enough to make that logical. I'll have a diamond system offered soon and I'll keep it as low as possible to be able to stay in business.
Its more like a KME than an edge pro. The edge pro doesnt use a clamp. Im interested to see how you flip the knife to do the other side and how you keep the edge even with a clamp that only opens on one side? Other than that it looks luke a quality sharpener
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Yes it is something that I've looked in to and I have a solution for it. Just need to line up the manufacturing.
Sounds like your doing a great job answering questions and public input. You should look at the jaws on the kme. Keep up the great work man im looking forward to what you come up with ūüĖí
Diamond stone upgrades will be available later this week! They will be available in coarse, fine and extra fine. I'll offer them as a set and individually.