Visconti Van Gogh Collection Fountain Pensearch

Visconti Van Gogh Collection Fountain Pen

Visconti Van Gogh Collection Fountain Pen

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I received one recently and I am not impressed by it , it is very light in weight and touch cheap in hands , its fine nib is more like M to me than being F , writing is slightly feathery ( I used the ink cartridge within pen package ), otherwise it looks beautiful and it is writer without fussing scratching or skipping , fast writing is great and reverse writing is nice .....and as expected its steel nib dose not show any variation .... personally I think 150$ is fair price for this pen with steel F nib

man this price for a damn converter pin? omg it's even worse, it's a damn steel nib.
  • Fine stainless steel nib? gtfo lol
Just two quick questions:
1 Will they come with the new package as shown in the figure below???
2 Are they installed with the new version nib???

Crappie ass converter pins
The nib on these pens is not the one shown in pictures, it is a smaller sized steel nib. I have the nib in the pictures on another pen and it is superior to the one that is actually on these pens. This is the nib that is installed-
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Look at the price point.

I have an older Van Gogh somewhere...I think it's in the bigger pen case. The cap never worked that well for me, as someone else noted, so it's never been high on my list of users. I'm pretty sure it cost me more than the list shown for this one...and that was a LONG time ago. At least 20 years, I believe.

Many makers have switched from gold to steel.

That's the price of gold, from, for the last 15 years. That huge spike in prices in a 5 year span strikes me as a BIG problem for most pen makers...IIRC, at least some of the Japanese makers actually own some mine resources.

And what's the least expensive gold-nibbed *European* pen? Looks like it's the Lamy 2000, and one reason its cost is mitigated is, it's got a very small nib. Hooded nibs have that advantage. shows quite a few nib units for sale...a Pelikan M200 steel is about $50, whereas the M400 gold is $200. They're interchangeable, so the difference is the metal. So there's considerable price pressure, particularly for any secondary brand. I'm still on Fahrney's mailing list, and see *quite* a few pens...quite often higher priced than this...with steel nibs.

There was even a brief exchange on the Zoss pens list a couple years ago on this point.
I was not talking about gold nibs at all. I have never used a Visconti gold nib only steel or Palladium. I was only referring to two different steel nibs - the one shown in the photos here and the one I posted- both steel but different designs
I got the Starry Night version from Italy back in 2015 and I'm not happy with it's magnetic cap. After a few months the magnetic ring inside started corroding, and now it's barely magnetic and leaves some sediments on the nib.

Before anyone judges me, I do take care of my pens very well. I've searched in fountain pen forums and I'm not the only one with this problem. A few users theorized that the moisture comes from the ink in the nib.
These are lovely pens, though in the end, the steel nib isn't what I really want. The pricier "dreamtouch" is supposed to be outstanding.
I got one of these recently, and while it would have been great to have a "dreamtouch" nib, I gotta say, the steel nib on the Van Gogh is truly outstanding. Amazingly smooth, well-tuned out of the box, and so far very reliable. Mine is a medium, which is about right for me on good-quality or even medium-quality paper. On crummy paper a fine might work better. It is not a flex by any means, but with a little pressure it does offer a small amount of line variation. But that's not what you'd buy this pen for. As I say, I would love to get something with a Dreamtouch nib, but good luck finding anything with a Dreamtouch that isn't twice the Massdrop price for the Van Gogh. If I get a decent tax refund this year, maybe I'll think about it.
Have these shipped? Haven't received mine. Starting to question whether this was a wise purchase...
Any idea of the ship date yet? Estimated date was 12/27/17?
I would also like an update on this, was expecting it to be shipped already...
I cancelled my order. I didn't want to wait any more. They offer a refund if you don't want to wait.
Any chance more Medium Starry Night will be available?! Missed the start of the drop and was eying this pen for a year now
Does this pen come with manufacture warranty?
If you're willing to be patient, you can get these for much cheaper on eBay. I picked up 4 new Van Gogh fountain pens for $125 each two weeks ago.
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Thanks so much for the advice! I was able to snag one at ~125.
Same - I bought 3 around that same amount, kept one and resold the other two for $200