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$39.75 shipping to Aus!
Like the design, love the padding in the sole, but wore out quickly due to being made of canvas, sole/tread part separating from the canvas after about three months of regular use.
Hideous, but priced accordingly!
Raaaaaaay. C'mon. Surely you'll take the black pair.
Black? No, but was momentarily tempted by the white emojis. It's as if someone recorded every feeling, thought and emotion I've ever expressed about every MD drop, and then regurgitated them all over a pair of shoes!

Tempted--but then I realized I haven't a thing to wear with them...

Innovative design? They look like a few dozen other shoes I see every time I go to the mall.
yeah, I think these are a bit overpriced for what they are.
Can anyone tell me how the width runs on these shoes? I'm a woman, but have trouble finding wide width women's shoes, dressy or casual. Thanks to all.
better late than never: I wear Chuck Taylor All Star in US men's 8 with thin socks and an extra inner sole. With sort of wide paws this is a fairly comfortable fit. I also wear these Vlado in US men's 8 with thin socks and inner sole as-is. I would not want to go any smaller with these because the width out of the box across the ball of foot is just a tiny bit tight for me. Fully broken in it's not really noticeable any more.
How long do they usually take to get to your doorstep once shipped. I'll be in San Francisco till 15th October, do you think they'll reach by then?
I was on the the last drop for these shoes. I normally wear a 9.5 if offered, if not offered, I'll wear a 10 (or 43 EU). The 9.5 was crazy tight. So tight, I'm worried I would need to go up to 10.5 for these. Keep that in mind. Otherwise, I love the simplicity and look of these.
Bought the black and gum version last time these dropped. Great looking shoes and received lots of compliments on them. Unfortunately, they never really broke in to the point where I'd say that they felt comfortable. They also aren't very durable, and developed holes in them immediately after 1 skate session. Get these if you're looking for a nice shoe for your wardrobe, skip it if you're looking for a every day wear or skating shoe.
I got the Black/Gum ones at the last drop. They are comfortable and fit well. I normally wear 12, 12.5 or 13 depending on the manufacturer. I ordered these in a 13 and they fit well. I'm going to order a couple more pairs in different colors at this drop.
good for skateboarding?
Nah they look nice but aren't durable/comfortable enough. I got them last time and immediately developed holes in them after I skated for 2-3 sessions. Stick to your vans
Stick to suede. Canvas, even Vans, doesn't last anywhere near as long.
Just so everyone is aware, these are going for $37.49 and free shipping on Vlado's website with the discount code BTS25.
Link for the lazy: https://www.vladofootwear.com/milo-lo.html
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Dude...that was 9 weeks ago.
Nice! Is the sun still out there? So much stuff happen in 9 weeks, amazing!
I've worn these daily for over a year and they do show some signs of wear. The black canvas starts to turn grey in wear spots and the heel liner is coming apart. They are still very comfortable and for the price have met my expectations for longevity. I recommend picking up a pair if you are on the fence. I really like the look of the Black/Gum model.