VMV Magic 32Bit/192Khz ASIO DACsearch

VMV Magic 32Bit/192Khz ASIO DAC

VMV Magic 32Bit/192Khz ASIO DAC

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This is the VMV Magic DAC, an exceptional audio processor from an impressively obscure audio company. We've been using it for a few weeks, and we're extremely impressed. This DAC has USB input along with RCA and coaxial output and its completely USB powered. From it's 32bit processing capability down to the CNC'd aluminum case, this is one of the best DACs you can buy for $100 + shipping.

VMV Magic 32Bit/192Khz ASIO DAC

Impressive Stats, Balanced Sound

This DAC is for the experimental soul, but it's not a risky endeavor with aluminum housing and high quality, solid state components. The stats on this piece of equipment are excellent, with 32 bit resolution and a 192 kHz sampling rate over USB. After some quick listening sessions it became clear that this DAC is meant for reference. The sound is balanced without being flat, something scarce at this price point.

VMV Magic 32Bit/192Khz ASIO DAC

Key Features

  • 32 Bit Resolution (over USB, 24 Bit over Coaxial)
  • 44.1 - 192k support
  • SNR - 111DB
  • Coax and USB output
  • Dimensions - 72 x 138 x 21mm
  • Solid Aluminum Casing


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