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Vortex CORE 47-Key Mechanical Keyboard

Vortex CORE 47-Key Mechanical Keyboard

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Perfect size :)
Mine has arrived
~shameless plug~
anyone from australia interested to get this product? i can get them for a good price from my country
reddit: briano1905
email: briano.g.1905@gmail.com
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You can get them delivered to AU from Amazon US cheaper than that.
So I saw thee prices of these drop everywhere. At one point they were easily $130 etc. Now $95-$99. Is it because they're trying to dump the old keycaps? I definitely want it with the TAB instead of CAPS.
I dont think so, just got the one I ordered from 2 drops ago and it comes with the tab cap, maybe they are producing more, lowering individual costs.
I wonder if there is anyway to make sure you get the one with the tab cap.
I wonder when I purchase from Amazon if I will get the new keycaps and firmware. That would be ideal as it seems to make a significant difference. Looking forward to having such a tiny keyboard with the dye sub legends for the layers.
anyone want to trade me the new "Tab" keycap? i got some artisans... :3 thanks!
if anyone wants to sell one of these please email me at wileypies@gmail.com
i missed it argh
Are some still to be shipped? I was charged and status says order places with the vendor still. Or are these arrivals from a previous buy?
I bought from this drop and mine also says "Order Placed with Vendor" I'm guessing the other comments have to be about a prior buy.
I downloaded the latest firmware and user manual from http://www.vortexgear.tw/vortex3.asp

The upgrade process was easy on windows, took less than a minute.

The latest manual has instruction (see image) on how to switch fn or pn key (you can switch pn and fn1 by using this method)
(note, need to select L1/L2/L3 first)

Anyone else having a problem running the firmware update application? The OK button is always greyed out for me and I can't click it to start the update. I'm running it on a Windows 10 virtual machine inside macOS.
There is an option to make USB devices pass through to the guest machine. When you're running the vm in virtual box it appears on the bottom right panels, next to cdroms etc. Once you're done you can click the flash button. Also it seemed like the device disconnected, I'm not sure why but it's actually working. You just have to wait a while.
Picked up the silver switch, which I've tried on other keyboards but don't yet own. Also, seemed like a little insurance if I can't deal with the peculiarities of the 47 key layout: silver vortex core more rare, higher resale value. Waiting for delivery.
Delivered this morning 2017-06-14, looks really cool and solid.

Unfortunately, I use a Macintosh. Online sources hint that it works with a Mac, but it's only outputting upper- and lowercase letters and layer 0 punctuation for me.

Using the Keyboard Setup Assistant it was unrecognized, and I chose ANSI (I also tried JIS and ISO, the only other two choices).

Basically, when I do Fn+<, Fn+>, and Fn+Shift I see the LED colors, but the keys still just produce layer 1 characters.

Any ideas?

Also, when the firmware changes, would I need to update from a PC, since the files on the maker's website are .exe?


Even though I cannot get any control+[whatever] keys to work, control+spacebar works to pull up the text input mode, allowing me to be able to input Japanese (as long as I don't need anything not on layer 0.

Also, Alt+spacebar will pull up Spotlight search.
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Thanks for the advice!

I'm not sure what my firmware version was, but I flashed it from my wife's Windows laptop using the latest Core firmware downloaded from vortexgear.tw.

My wife's Windows machine didn't particularly force me to go through any installation procedure as on my Macintosh. I noticed that even on the Windows machine layers 1-3 were not any different than layer 0, as you said.

On the Macintosh I reinstalled using the Fn1+n key, rather than the > key, as the "left of left-shift" choice, and it allowed me to continue and finish the configuration. Where did you get that tip? It's not something I would have figured out by trial and error.

The contro[i.e., Win]+<letter> keys, like control+F for Find are now working.

As for layers 1-3, I had assumed that for the keys identified as having assigned values in the "layer description" diagrams in the manual the values were pre-programmed. For example, I assumed that the numbers 1 through 0 would already be working. But layer 1 (red LED) "a" produces "a," not "2." So the layer does seem to be transparent as you say.

But what I cannot figure out is how, for example, to program the "a" key to be "2" in layer 1 when programming step 4 in the manual is "Key in the contents and press Pn." The contents I want is "2," but since the key is not yet programmed to be "2" I cannot key it in. It's a chicken-and-egg problem. What am I missing?


I just discovered that the Fn1 key accesses the numbers and other "red dye sub" stuff on the keys, while Fn1+Shift accesses the "green dye sub" stuff. I'm still experimenting to figure out how to access the "blue dye sub" stuff. Edit 2: It's the Fn key to get the blue. O.K., I think I can begin to use this thing for real now!
I'm getting used to this keyboard surprisingly fast, and my HHKB Professional JP is packed away in the closet now. I don't think I'll even need the layers.

I'm handling Japanese input by using Win+spacebar to bring up the keyboard menu and spacing between U.S. and hiragana. This is fractionally slower than having dedicated keys for this as on Japanese keyboards, but I don't mind.