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Recieved my White | Clear Cherry MX board today. This is my first mech board. it is EPIC.
Mine just arrived. This thing is a TANK! Also got a low profile Silver case and a braided coil cord coming, but really like the stock key caps on this, and is so quick to type on.

Really glad I went for this and not some more over the top or larger board.
Mine is in! All in order, quick and no hassle
To anyone from UK thinking about buying this once it's on: I have just been hit with £25 customs and import VAT. You can buy the RGB/backlit version much cheaper in the UK and have it within a few days. Can't wait for the customs on another keyboard I bought. I think this will be my last purchase here, between the taxes and long wait, it just doesn't make any sense unless is a ridiculous bargain.
Anyone have this issue and or know of a fix?
Erm, did my order just ship 3 months early? I'm not complaining, that's awesome, but didn't know if that was a mistake or something? Can anyone else confirm if they were just notified it shipped already?
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I emailed Massdrop, apparently there was surplus stock of certain variants from the last drop, so I'm glad I chose a slightly less popular variant!
Glad you let me know dude! I got the Grey version with reds.
It ships APRIL???
Really wish I could get this with bluetooth compatibility.
There is the Obins Anne PRO, which has a very similar look, and is well reviewed. I myself haven't had the chance to try it. But i plan on getting one for work after i get a pok3r
I want one with the Blue backlighting.. does anybody know if that will be coming out soon?
There is a Pok3r with blue backlighting available on Mechanicakeyboards right now. I opted for the black/white backlit version which is "Pre order only" but with an estimated shipping time of today, so I'm guessing they are getting more Vortex in stock today.
Please tell me this board requires assembly?
It doesn't require assembly.
that sucks, I was hoping at that point i could decide between clears purchased or black that I already have.

Guess I am going with clears!
I bought one of these off of Amazon after seeing a co-worker's in action, for about the same price. I opted for Black with MX-Blues. It feels and sounds like my old IBM Model M: super noisy with fantastic tactile feedback. It's perfect for travel, given my corporate laptop has abysmally, dreadful keys.
I bet people traveling with you are delighted to witness the 'super noisy' keyboard. :D
Heh. They have headphones.
Still no backlight? Pure and Race have these beat in features and quality, imho. Sadly, KBTs are hard to come by.
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Hell, even Massdrop has offered the RGB Pok3r and the regular back-lit Pok3r I'm hoping that captain is complaining that this particular drop isn't either of those, and not that they need search results spoon-fed to them. Surely it's the first thing.
It's time to summon the good old