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Vortex POK3R Mechanical Keyboard (Poker 3)

Vortex POK3R Mechanical Keyboard (Poker 3)

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One can only dream that Pok3r x Topre will come true one day...
Nice little board. Keep in mind that the stabilizers might come horribly squawky from factory, though, so it wouln't be a bad idea to have some stabilizer lube at hand.
Can someone explain to me how is this a good geal?
I mean you're supposed to save some money on a product when joining the drop, right?

For the MX Red switches it says 130,70$ with shipping & handling, which converts to about 111,93 Euros, Google says.
I ordered a Poker 3 on german Amazon last week for 99,00 Euros.

The keyboard itself is great - typing on it right now. But the price here one massdrop... how? why? Am I missing something?
Yup, I don't understand. I can get the coolermaster masterkey S for $10 cheaper on Amazon than the price listed on MD.
Does anybody know whether we can add single color LEDs to the PCB?
I love Vortex low profile aluminum keyboard case like Vortex Vibe, Vortex Race3, Vortex Core.
I could see gray key set added in this drop option.
This Vortex Pok3R is still the same aluminum case like the previous model?
I am looking forward to get new Pok3R with low profile aluminum case .
Should be. If you're after a spare frame and live in the US then PM me on geekhack (same user name) and I'll mail you mine. I'm only after the PCB/plate/switch assembly on this drop.
No MX Silver?
What is different with this over Amazon or mechanicalkeyboards.com? Est ship date is 0ct 08
All those great features but not backlighting. For those who dont use the lighting, they could just turn it off, but it takes away from the people who do use it.
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We tend to do all sort of things to our keyboards so most would applaud barebone Pok3r with no keycaps or switches I guess. On the other hand there is plenty of eBay offerings and if you have alert set you can score it cheaply as I did ($80).
alas, I am not ready to give up my F1-12 and arrow keys yet. I heavily use multimedia and my F1-12 keys. I have to ease myself down as I just moved to a TKL keyboard from an extended full sized.
Sent a request for a refund as these are going to be delayed. Haven't heard back yet though...
Wil this drop again soon ? Mx clears please.
Huh. I just got a shipping notification -- are these shipping earlier than July?
hey im trying to sell mine barely used right now if anyone is interested in buying a used one

I am new join of the community.
A simple question for the Poker3, is there media control key on board? Based on the review below, there is not media control keys. (at 4:50)
The video is posted on 2015, I would like to double check if there was any firmware update which added the media control back.
Thanks guys.

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To confirm what Salieri said (Fn+QWESDF = multimedia keys, but not printed on keys) adding link to manual.
you guys are awesome!!!