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Vortex POK3R Mechanical Keyboard (Poker 3)search

Vortex POK3R Mechanical Keyboard (Poker 3)

Vortex POK3R Mechanical Keyboard (Poker 3)

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New & Improved POK3R

The long awaited POK3R Mechanical Keyboard from Vortex brings a serious set of improvements to the world of 60% keyboards as well as its predecessor, the Poker II. The good news is all of the aspects of the Poker II that made it the clear choice of the mechanical keyboard community—specifically the minimalist form factor, Cherry MX Switches, and PBT keycaps—are exactly the same. The great news is that the case has been upgraded with a much higher quality metal and the programming capabilities have been vastly improved.

Note: At checkout, choose between a gray case and a white case with your choice of Cherry MX switches from the following: Black, Blue, Brown (+ $4), Clear (+ $10), and Red (+ $8). 

Vortex POK3R Mechanical Keyboard (Poker 3)
Vortex POK3R Mechanical Keyboard (Poker 3)
Vortex POK3R Mechanical Keyboard (Poker 3)

Hefty Aluminum Case

The most immediate visual change brought to the POK3R Mechanical Keyboard is the replacement of the plastic case with a cast aluminum case, thanks to lots of feedback from the community. Weighing in at over 13 oz, this case is nearly three times as heavy as the Poker II, so it will stay put on your desktop when gaming or cranking out a lengthy email. 

Vortex POK3R Mechanical Keyboard (Poker 3)


First and foremost, the programming features of the POK3R have been significantly upgraded, as every key is now capable of executing 32 keystrokes. In addition to increased programmability, the POK3R also now comes with multiple layers pre-programmed, including Qwerty, Dvorak, and Colemak.

Vortex POK3R Mechanical Keyboard (Poker 3)


  • Vortex
  • User Manual
  • 60% keyboard layout
  • 61 keys
  • Cherry MX switches
  • Switches rated for 50 million operations
  • Plate-mounted PCB
  • Hardware programmable with macro capability
  • Detachable wired USB mini interface
  • N-key rollover
  • Multimedia keys
  • Mac and Windows compatible
  • Weight: 30 oz


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