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Vostok-Europe GAZ-Limo Dual Time Automatic Watch

Vostok-Europe GAZ-Limo Dual Time Automatic Watch

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As Jiayaw said, strap is stiff and little too long even in the last hole. But another issue I have is that the watch box and postage box have been severely damaged. In fact the watch box is totally destroyed. I can't tell if this by DHL/local post or some idiot at Australian Customs.
I got the Rose Gold version, just arrived today and looks awesome... But leather strap is too stiff and too loose for my wrist. I gotta get a better leather strap for it. Love the looks though

hello. would anyone to help? my vostok europe limo gaz 14 run very fast. i dont know why. so its always advance 1 hour than actual time.
and does anyone know how to set the dual time? because the second hand of the watch cannot be moved only the bezel.
thank you.
Does it have a hacking second hand? Also is the crown at 2 o'clock a screw-down crown? Thanks.
It's a Vostok 2426 movement...so no hacking.
Good-lookers and a nice price to boot!
Funny, the Original Vostok (not Europe) watches has the almost the same movt and cost like 100 dollars +- while this crap cost $450 retail just because it has "europe" and a glass underneath the watch and its 5ATM lol , the 100$ watches are 20ATM
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Completely correct.
”Vostok-Europe” is based in Lithuania. “Vostok” (which goes by the Cyrillic alphabet spelling, “BOCTOK”) is based in Chistopol, Russia, and was founded in World War II. Vostok does produce movements for Vostok-Europe, I’m pretty sure, but they are not the same company.
and my point is a watch company that sells their watches for 60~150$ with the same movnt that Europe one has , and the europe ones sold for around $500 ....
It's just that this watch has a rotating crown for the second time zone and therefore the indices are not necessarily aligned between the current time and the time of the second time zone which can be disturbing because the current time has no number
Pathetic watch. The numbers don't even line-up with the indices 😩 weirdest shit I've ever seen. Was the designer on drugs😂
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The numbers you are talking about are a 24-hour clock. There is no way to make 24 individual numbers match up correctly with 60 different indices because 60 is not evenly divisible by 24. You will get a match only every 2.5 indices, which is why 24 lines up with the first index, 2 lines up with the 5th index, 4 with the 10th, etc.
Wierdest comment I ever heard😩your so wrong
oooh, I've been looking for this one, and really had my mind set on a blue one , but that model is not in the drop :-( https://www.vostok-europe.com/2426-5601057/
I received mine yesterday: as lovely as the pictures showed, and works very well. Booklet permits easy setting of date and time. Love this watch !
Got mine today, beautiful watch. Came very fast, 7 days .
Seems to be running incredibly exact, 0 - +1 sec/day, see pic.
I love this watch. Got it on the drop last June and have had no issues so far. I want to add that the K1 crystal is very scratch resistant. I accidentally dragged the face on drywall the very first time i wore it out. Once I cleaned up the layer of white paint from the crystal, it was pristine. The hands and small makers by indices are lumed.
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Sure, but it will be later today.
Hope these help. For reference, my wrists are around 8 1/4 inches.


I got this drop to add a Russian movement to the collection. After all, Seiko and Miyota (and quite some Swiss artifacts like Glycine are all made in China). And - they are really very good. So let us see how exact a russian movement is, i am optimistic. Plus the blue design is unreal good, in my opinion.
more info on the movement here... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jHkqXLiPJqU
I've had several Russian watches, albeit cheap old ones. They were all interesting, and all strangely cantankerous. But the one in this deal looks interesting, and my Googling seems to indicate it's priced right. I wish there was more information on the movement...
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I realize that; I did not imply they are the same company in my previous post, in which I acknowledged my originally mistaken belief that Vostok-Europe is a Russian company.
And Original Vostok much better and durable, funny ...
As a bunch of the confused comments below indicate, be aware that this movement does not have a quickset date.
The 24h hand isn't really a GMT hand either. It can't be set independently of the 12h hand.
Any lume on it?
A bunch o' lume on the hands and there are dots at 3,6,9 and two glow dots above 12.
Is there any lume on the dial and/or hands? I can't really tell from the pictures...
It's accustomed way to fast setting of date just like other Russia made watches such as Vostok & Sturmanskie
I have received the watch. I like it, but.......is there any easy way to set the date? I read the instructions....but.......??
wind until 12 position when date changes, then roll backwards to 8 oclock position, then to 12 again, the date will change
Watch arrived and looks nice but does not seem to have a middle stem detente for date setting. This not as described for the movement in the user guide. Is mine defective? Bogus either way IMHO...
I'm with you! I find no reasonable way to set the date.* Can anyone out there help?
*I don't want to have to put the watch through 40+ "resetting" cycles!
wind until 12 position when date changes, then roll backwards to 8 oclock position, then to 12 again, the date will change
When will watch be shipped? I have paid. Now would like to receive the watch!
I was too late for the blue dial...
Does anyone know where these are made? Russia?
Vilnius, Lithuania
For some reason they have the word "Russian" but they are not related to Russia at all..... people should avoid them.
How far to the lowest price point?
Does anyone know if the 24 hour hand is independently settable? Is it slaved to the 12 hour hand m
I'm fairly certain it's slaved.
I confirm, it's slaved to the hour hand.
Seems like a great price. 389 on Longisland watch.
nah, overpriced Garbage, I prefer Seiko and the Original Vostok(which is also much better) over this ...
I'm in on this one! Mass Drop has killed it again with the deals here. It's the cheapest I can find this one for. As I diversify my collection it's awesome to get to add a Russian Gmt movement to it for an awesome price! Damn you MD you keep showing such great deals that even though I'm not in a watch buying mode, now this is the second watch I've bought when I've said in done buying watches for awhile lol!
For some reason they have the word "Russian" but they are not related to Russia at all..... people should avoid them.
No idea what you're talking about? This watch uses a Russian made movement. This watch is prior to Euro Vostok switching to Japanese movements. The company outta Lithuania when they first started exclusively used Vostok made movements. After a couple of years they switched.
Is this dual time or triple time? There appears to be a Glycine Airman-style second hour hand, plus a super-compressor-controlled inside-the-crystal bezel. So you have the main hour hand on the 12-hour chapter ring, the second hour hand pointing to the GMT 24-hour chapter ring, and the bezel offset from the 24-hour chapter ring for a third time zone. Is that correct, or is this watch doing something else?
You lost me here. It's dual time. There is only the 12 hours marked on the dial and the rotating 24 hours on the sub crystal rotating bezel.
Oh right, I see now.
whats the general consensus on russian movements? no sapphire crystal sort of kills the deal for me...
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it might scratch, but its less likely to shatter
He should buy The original Vostok, not the EU gymicy one, which also cost like 200~300 dollars less.