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My strap arrived today. It was mostly what I ordered, but there was a major boo-boo done in assembly.

I requested a 21mm lug / 20mm buckle width to accommodate the odd-size of my Hamilton Team Earth. I got a strap of correct size, but an 18mm buckle was squeezed on it. Now I understand that the leather is supple, but that does not mean that a 20mm wide opposite end of the strap is ever going to fit through that buckle.

Now in my parts box, I have a 24mm/20mm taper strap with a close-match style buckle in 20mm, so I transplanted that. Perfect fit. But I still feel as if I am owed a correct 20mm buckle here.

Edit (11/2/2017): Vulture_Premium came-through and sent me a replacement 20mm buckle. Arrived today. Thanks!
FYI: Massdrop customer helpdesk contacted me on Monday (after Vulture_Premium reached out to me here) and wanted photos of the problem before they were taking action. Heads-up for anybody who is forced to work that method for some other drop where the maker isn't watching the drop at all. At least they did write back.
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I am quite pleased with the end result on my Hamilton watch. Some pics with the transplanted buckle. Very reminiscent of the old Hirsch Liberty straps from a decade ago.

Horween Derby is full grain, i.e. the top surface of the hide, the skin side. Hirsch Liberty uses "sturdy saddle leather from the back of the skin," which sounds like a way of saying top grain, which, despite the name, is not the top side of split leather, but the layer underneath the top, full-grain layer. So in theory, the materials used by Vulture are higher quality, or at least more expensive, since there may be functional reasons to us top grain over full grain in some applications.

Hirsch lacquers the edges of the Liberty, which is cleaner looking, but if you maintain the edges of the Vulture straps they will be fine and many prefer the more authentic edges.
Getting down to the wire but I just saw this. I'll almost certainly pick one up for my 44mm Alpina Startimer Regulator but I'm wondering if this might be too much strap for a little Oris I have that's 38mm max ... and might be as small as 36mm. What size is the Datejust used in some of the sample photos? It looks old enough to be a 36mm, in which case I'd be a "go" for two straps.

Also curious if there are options for different buckles? For the Alpina, I'd prefer a brushed stainless buckle, probably in a different style. Thanks!
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I apologize for not being able to answer your questions before the end of the drop. I am embarrassed to say that I don't know the size of my Datejust. It was my fathers and he gave it to me when I graduated college. It is certainly an old one and unfortunately I have the service bills to prove it haha. You have inspired me to research it and learn exactly what it is. Yes, I can offer different buckle styles and would be happy to honor the drop price. My email is

Thanks, Will
Great, thanks ... I'll email you later today!
My wrist is about 7.5" and I ordered 130/80. Is that the appropriate size?
Perfect! Thank you very much!
Can you show a more natural pic of the English tan derby?
Thank you for your interest in my straps!

Upon looking at the photos in this drop on my phone, they do seem to have an odd tinge to them. Perhaps it has to do with different monitor calibrations.

Here are some examples of these leathers in the form of my big ol' Panerai Straps out in the sunlight:

Brown Nut:
English Tan:
Question for you Will.. I have a 7 inch wrist and a 42mm Apple Watch. Which length do you reccomend?
I would recommend the 125/75

Thank you, Will
Great, thank you!
I'd like to get one in 19/16, but not sure what length. My wrist is 16cm and the watch lug to lug is 43.
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Is that the English tan at the bottom of the page?
I posted some larger photos of straps in the same materials (Horween Derby) above with labels, I hope that can help you get a better feel for the leathers. English Tan is basically a Medium Brown with an Honey vibe.
There should be a option to include quick release spring bars because adding these later to a strap is problematic. If someone doesn't know what "quick release spring bars" are then google it and switch to images. Makes swapping straps very easy.
Thank you for your feedback. I am not equipped for quick release spring bars, but I will look into it.
Vulture_Premium how tight is the keeper? I don't like straps with loose keeper that creates tail at the strap end
My keepers are quite snug. Loose keepers drive me insane. I pre-stretch the leather that I use for the keepers and fit them snugly.
Thanks, Will