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Vulture Premium Horween Derby Watch Straps

Vulture Premium Horween Derby Watch Straps

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I want this so bad now so sad I missed this drop
need i say more?
I did want to collect a few interesting watches, but this one is perfect for me now, so why bother?
just got mine. beautiful work! the stitching is tight and consistent. thank you!

so much better than da luca.
Love mine. Thamks a million!
thanks auto-correct
Well....I’m late to see this drop. I would actually have picked up 2 Vulture bands but don’t know what lug widths and strap lengths to select. Not sure when the drop actually ends.
It’s not too late. Ends late tomorrow. Some bands have the sizes stamped. Otherwise you can just measure directly.
ends in 2 hours
Will the English Tan (Tonal) be a good match with the Orient Symphony Gen II Automatic Watch (SER2700GB0 - Black Face) in a formal setting. I always wear tan brown shoes and belts at work. The straps look fantastic but very thick and not too formal? Anybody got photos on how this would look with a black face dress watch (simple - not chronograph or diver).
A couple more questions: 1) can I order 110/70 instead of 110/65? and 2) will the English Tan ever patina closer to a brown or dark brown color?
Not for this drop, I am sorry.

Thanks, Will
Is it possible to order brown stitching (vs. tan) on the Nut Brown strap? Thanks.
Yes, please choose the "tonal" option upon checkout.
Width options?
The width options are in a drop down menu after clicking join drop.

Thanks, Will
Has anyone bought both the Vulture Premium Tochigi and Horween Derby straps? What's the difference between them? Are the Horween Derby straps noticably thicker, or about the same? How do they wear over time? What is the surface texture like?

I have a Tochigi, so I'd like a comparison to that.
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I like them better than "professionally produced" straps. They have a definite feel of real, quality leather, no stamped textures, no painted edges, relatively thick.

(By the way, I hate that I cannot use the word "genuine" in conversations about leather, because it has bee coopted by the "Genuine Leather" grade, which means coarse, deep, cheap leather glued together and pressed and stamped ... i.e., "genuine leather" now means "cheap 'leather'".
I only meant that these look and feel like a pro, someone who actually cares about and works with leather for a living, put these together.
I saw someone else mentioned they wanted a brushed buckle. This looks like it would work:

what do y'all think?
That has a wide tang, requiring racetrack-shaped holes, something Vulture offered in its Tochigi drop, but not in this drop.

Even a replacement buckle with a round tang may not fit: When I changed the buckle on a strap from a District Leather drop, the tang was smaller in diameter than the original buckle's was. It is a tightish fit, but not enough to have to repunch the holes in the band over. But you have to remember that there is no one standard size for buckle tangs.