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Vulture Premium Tochigi Leather Straps

Vulture Premium Tochigi Leather Straps

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Japanese Leather Straps, Made in New Orleans

A nice watch is only made better with a nice strap to match. Available in three colors, these straps use vegetable-tanned leather from Tochigi, a Japanese tannery that’s been in business since 1937. All have an Aniline finish, which means only transparent dyes and colorings were used in the finishing process. This gives the hide an attractive grain and natural variation, along with tremendous patina potential, and these leathers will age and darken beautifully over time. Fitted with a polished stainless steel buckle, one fixed keeper, one floating keeper, and five holes, each strap is adjustable and easy to fit to your wrist.

Note: At checkout, select caramel, Havana, or London tan leather with a standard or wide-tongue buckle. You’ll also have your choice of length, width, and taper.

Vulture Premium Tochigi Leather Straps

More About the Leather

Each strap side is made from a continuous piece of leather, folded and skived to maintain a constant thickness. The Havana and London tan leathers are a medium temper with a soft, smooth finish. They have the ideal amount of rigidity, and with use, will quickly conform to a very comfortable fit. This bit of rigidity is immediately noticeable, as it helps support the watch case, making your watch feel lighter and more comfortable on the wrist. Meanwhile, the caramel leather is unique in that it is soft tempered but with a glazed finish and a bit of pronounced grain. These traits are often exclusive, as the mechanical glazing process knocks down the texture and stiffens the leather. The caramel option is great for those who prefer softer, more cushioned straps.

Vulture Premium Tochigi Leather Straps
Vulture Premium Tochigi Leather Straps
Vulture Premium Tochigi Leather Straps
Vulture Premium Tochigi Leather Straps

Color & Tongue Options

Caramel - Standard Tongue
Havana - Standard Tongue
London Tan - Standard Tongue
Caramel - Wide Tongue
Havana - Wide Tongue
London Tan - Wide Tongue


  • Vulture
  • Vegetable-tanned leather from Japan’s Tochigi tannery
  • 3–3.2 mm thick
  • Aniline finish (only transparent dyes and colorings used)
  • One fixed and one floating keeper
  • Polished stainless steel buckle
  • Hand saddle-stitched with high-quality Japanese polyester thread
  • 5 holes spaces 6 mm apart (center to center), starting 32 mm from the tip
  • Made in New Orleans, LA


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