Wacom Cintiq 13HD Pen/Touch Tablet Refurbishedsearch

Wacom Cintiq 13HD Pen/Touch Tablet Refurbished

Wacom Cintiq 13HD Pen/Touch Tablet Refurbished

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Is this not the same one on amazon? Dtk1300 on amazon refurbished as well for 749.95 and you won't have to wait so long to get. Also includes free shipping!
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Oh excellent apologizes for my density. I do now see the differences. Thank you!
The link you provided is for the DTK1300 model not the DTK1300K here is the difference.

DTK1300 - Pen Only (we did offer this refurbished model last month with 1 year warranty with wacom)

DTK1300K - Pen & Touch Screen (this also has a 1 year warranty with wacom)

Most refurbs including the one you listed only have a 90 day warranty and are not sourced directly from the manufacturer. On Massdrop if you see a refurb it is coming direct and will carry full warranty.

Physically these two look exactly the same and the model numbers are so close its easy to get them mixed up.

only in the US... fuck. well that sucks.
Can anyone give an opinion as to why this might be a better interface than a Surface Pro Tablet?
I am a professional video editor and have been curious to see how this Wacom would work with Adobe Premeire or Avid Media Composer. Or is getting a Surface tablet a better way to go? Working with video i wouldnt need the fine detail that an illustrator or designer might need for paint strokes or lines. Thoughts?
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Well... I suppose you would be limited in compute power since the Surface Pro can't be used as an external display so you'll be limited to the Core m3 on the base Surface Pro for similar money. Also limited ram, 4GB on the base model. The Surface Pro has a technically nicer display @ 2736 x 1824 vs the Cintiq's 1080p... dunno about color accuracy tho.
Also true, while the display is indeed nicer it also comes with a cost, money wise and power wise.
But at the end of the day people are doing some amazing artwork with both, it all boils down to how you use your assets, so for a video editor in my opinion both of them wouldn't even be necessary.
I have a SteelSeries Rival 500 Mouse and I can program each and every one of the buttons to a different function, works wonders when it comes to video editing and extremely easy to use.
When it comes to color accuracy both of them use IPS, it's just the standard.
Not meaning to start anything erase, but why did you feel the need to say that you were creating a painting for a 4 time Grammy winning artist?

My comments on the drop are that one probably shouldn't be that concerned about a refurbished Wacom product. I actually wished they'd include the option for professionally refurbished versions of all of their tablets. Generally, refurbished versions have the "bugs" ironed out that early adopters have to contend with, such as cables that don't seat properly etc. This is an excellent product but it's likely going to drop below the $649 once the Pro 13 and 16 become more widely accepted. If you want one new, you could probably afford to wait and still get this price point; and maybe even the touch version.
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"im not trying to start something....but" Go start something, and actually finish it you might succeed in life beyond being jealous of random strangers you don't know online.
Dude. Lighten up. I'm truly happy for your success.
I just joined this drop because I think it's a great deal. More than 15% off a Wacom product is always going to be a steal. No issues with refurb as this comes with a warranty and Wacom support is great.

I'm upgrading from a 12WX which means this is a huge upgrade for me in terms of screen brightness, color gamut, and it's an additional 1.3 inches of screen space on top of the increase res, which means that software tooltips are going to get in my way much less.

After selling my moderately used 12WX I'll only be down around $400 max after this purchase with a new warranty and better tech. This move makes sense for me. I hope it makes sense for others.
I used the predecessor to this for years (12” model). There is definitely a bit of a disconnect between the tip of the stylus and the screen itself, but you get used to it quickly. It's more pronounced at the edges, but for the most part I stopped noticing it within a week or two. Wacom makes really solid products, so I'd feel okay about getting a refurb one. Also as mentioned before, they have really great support if you do run into any issues. Not sure on erase's painting comment, these are great for all of the above (but different workflows work better for different people, I like using an iPad Pro for sketching most of the time).
I have this tablet and its great for line art and sculping. Cintiq is however not my first choice for painting, also wouldn't buy it refurbished.
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Nice! thanks for that. duet looks exactly like what I'd want.
Fascinating, thanks for sharing your experience. I'm curious, have you had a chance to play around with a Surface Pro/Book? I own a Surface Book and it's been my workhorse everywhere I go. It could probably run all the 3D programs you need the laptop for. The only thing is, I'm not sure about then pen experience. I've always thought the pen was nice and well done but it was missing a certain level of polish; it's far from perfect. I don't think there's any tilt recognition in the pen too. So I was wondering how others feel about it, especially those who've used the iPad Pro & pencil as heavily as you.. how does the Surface stack up?
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