Waerator 1-Button Electric Wine Aeratorsearch

Waerator 1-Button Electric Wine Aerator

Waerator 1-Button Electric Wine Aerator

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looks like they are hitting up the wine Circuit in California. Their Facebook page has some customers trying it out.

Saw this at the California Wine festival in Dana Point and got to see it in action, I liked it so much I bought one. After years of drinking wine I wish there had been a product like this much sooner!
I got to try this at CES this year. I was really impressed by the difference before and after. I am not usually a wine drinker, but this could change my mind.

Thanks! I'd been looking at getting back into wine recently, and this might spur that.
I'm impatient I would never be able to take the time to put the wine in a decanter, wait for 45 mins before i can drink it. I don't like wine straight from the bottle, its too bitter. This is the right fix for me to get my buzz and make it taste good.

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