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I have a lightbox, can I just buy the cutting mat?
I can't wait to get mine. I have been waiting for the right price for at least 2 years.
I ordered the cutting mat also and I don't see it mentioned either. Glad I am not the only one.
Got it & I Love it!
It's Great! My husband uses it to.
I have a smaller one and it is terrific! I can't wait to get this big one.
I thought I ordered the cutting mat as an add on, but I don't see that it is mentioned .
Does wafer2 comes with cuting mat because it shows it
No, it's an an optional add on item.
Thank you
From what I see this is a better buy then Amazon
Guess I will go to Amazon
Why is this light box so expensive ? It looks like a better product than my old one. But beyond my budget.
OMG are you kidding me? I bought one of these from Amazon for about $25.
Re the "exact same thing" discussion
I just looked up the Wafer 2 lightbox on Amazon: priced at $166.13, flagged as "Amazon's Choice". A $40 lightbox just below this one only has a 71% 5-star rating [90% is passing in THIS Latin teacher's head!]. The best message about the discussion is to define "the exact same thing". A box that makes light isn't necessarily a lightbox.
There are equivalent (different brand) lightboxes on amazon for much less. I've held one of these at a show and it was heavy and thick compared to my lightbox off amazon.
OMG - don't buy this! You can get the SAME THING on Amazon for around $40. Seriously. This is ridiculous. DO NOT PAY $140 for this thing!!!! Shame on Massdrop - this isn't a deal, it's a rip-off. I routinely find equal or better prices on items offered here from websites with much less complicated purchasing processes and shorter shipping times.

I have one, it's great and very useful, but DO NOT BUY THIS ONE FOR THIS PRICE.
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As I have not seen your light box I can not comment on the comparison between it and the one that I have (that I ordered from Massdrop previously). Of course, a window will work well as a light box, as will a piece of plexiglass placed across two boards with a lightbulb underneath, as will any of a number of different inexpensive light boxes. They will all work. I have used several of them. When I was initially considering my purchase, I did some comparison shopping online and the exact same one offered by Massdrop was selling for considerably more elsewhere (same model, etc.). Therefore I felt that ordering from Massdrop instead of from any of the other, more expensive, sites made sense. I can only say that when I opened the package from Massdrop I was completely satisfied with the quality of this particular lightbox. The one I ordered is very large and wafer-thin, the lights are exceptionally bright, and and there are no hot spots nor are there any darker spots. It is a beautiful, well-made piece of equipment. I have used it mainly for appliqué work to go on pillows and quilts, and it is just a joy to use. All I can say is that if you find the EXACT same model elsewhere for less, of course you should go for it. If you are perfectly happy with alternatives that are less expensive, you should of course use them. Nonetheless, this model is a very satisfactory tool that is extremely well made and is quite enjoyable to use. Personally, I like using it much more than I ever liked using a window or any of my cheaper lightboxes. Your mileage may vary, of course.
Thank you for this info.
I bought from last drop and I love it for appliqué tracing and paper piecing. The largework surface and lighting are wonderful. I got the large one. Some reviews I read on other sites complained about the on/off switch being so reactive by touch when they would accidentally swipe across it while using it. I kept the corner packaging and just slip it over the button and it takes care of the problem. I am getting the smaller one for my artist granddaughter because it is smaller and lighter for her to take to class.

It is also great for use with Cricut as a surface for"weeding".
Check Lightbox on Amazon no need to pay this much!
I have noticed a few people have asked if this will work for paper piecing, but I dont see a reply to their inquiries. Has anyone who bought this in the past used this for paper piecing? Thanks.
I use my old light box for paper piecing all the time to line up my seams before pinning/stitching. I am sure this would work the same way. I'm buying one to replace my old homemade light box.
i use my light box to paper piece all the time, and I use it for many other craft uses very often.

i couldn't be happier with this light box. It is so easy to use, store and take along for any project.