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Waffle Key Kitty Artisan Keycaps

Waffle Key Kitty Artisan Keycaps

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yay! haha, this is great..
So subtle you barely notice it.

shipped so early :o
I can't believe I bought this...
Is anyone else seeing a $25 discount being applied to this latest drop (1/8/2018)? Is this a bug in the join/order system?
The discount turned out to be a discount MassDrop applied to my account because I participated in the /dev/tty drop. Mystery solved!
I always thought these artisan key caps and key sets were a waste of time and money. But now I understand.

Too bad these don't fit an IBM buckling spring. I don't really like Cherry MX.
why those kitty look like piggy?
Have you ever seen a persian
Are these supposed to be cute? The eyes are not even symmetrical... I'd rather have a 3d printed keycap.
Do you think you'll ever rerun this drop? The cats are super cute.
Looks like you're in luck lol
I dont even like cats but lol.
This cat lady is definitely in love♡
Arrived yesterday, I like how the backlighting shines through.

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So true. That's why I added "cats". ;)
WoodLab Kevin
Which animal artisan is next? A lion or tiger would be really cool. Even a Chinese Dragon.