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Waffle Key Studio Rosette Artisan Keycap

Waffle Key Studio Rosette Artisan Keycap

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Not bad for the price . I dont expected it look like stock image.

Sent from Vietnam.

First of all, I apologize foe the inconvenience and loss, and I am willing to take all the responsibility. I’m going to review my mistakes here. As the pure handmade products, I have no contact with so many orders. and my thought is so idealistic that there are many problems during the production process. finally it caused irreversible results.
> Because of design errors of mass production mold, my first attempt was delayed. After I installed it on the keyboard, I found the opening at the bottom appeared migration, leading to the installation of the keyboard will appear cat on phenomenon.SO we destroyed all products from, the new beginning. Because of shrinkage and other problems, the chrysanthemum has been reaming. Resulting in the final product chrysanthemum stem part will be very unappealing. Including the production of color deviation, there are my responsibility . Again, I apologize for all the buyer here sincerely.
I still haven't received mine yet.. anyone else in the same boat?
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I got mine. Sorry yours hasn't showed up :(
I got the refund, but still I'm disappointed cuz I like the idea so much and it came out so bad.
Thanks MassDrop.
Got a refund.
Waffle I don't know what happened but you should have just said no when they came out like this.
MassDrop shipping team, please look at other artisan keycaps and if they look like this Waffle one, call someone and don't ship them out.
Let's stop keycap abuse folks. :D
I'm not sure what I expected but the quality is well... bad to say the least. The finishing for the cap's underside is terrible. The actual rose petal bits feel incredibly fragile. I was terrified that I would break them off when I tried to remove the keycap from its box.

Why is it so loose when I stick it on the keystem!? I'm incredibly disappointed.
wow 1st one in this colorway that doesn't look like some1 spilled ink all over it. Now I'm genuinely just curious how the Rainbow one look like
The color is nowhere near what it was supposed to be. The cap can barely eve stay on a keyboard, because the stem is so loose. The entire cap is lopsided. We had to wait 2 months past the original ship date. Terrible experience
Update: I did receive a refund. The seller could have prevented a lot of headaches by at least making sure the stem was the correct size.
just received it and same problem...
1. color didnt match the photo in md
2. the stem too loose
Came to say please kill me for having wasted money on this.
The colors, not even close.
And I'm colorblind.
The quality.
Looks like it melted.
The symmetry of the underside.
My god I have never seen an uneven sided keycap. Ever.
Kill me.
The packaging.
It was so far down in the foam I had to remove the foam to get it out.
Sorry Waffle. But you should be called Wiffle. Because that's the sound I'll make anytime I see you or a waffle forevermore. I don't hate on artisans or artists but this is just pathetic.

MassDrop. Don't make me send a ticket. Just give me store credit. Thanks. Let's not waste your time or mine. Since mine was already wasted.

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damn... that's an ungly keycap. don't worry I bought the same keycap, fairytale, paying extra for that rotten puke shaped key...;;
I want to request for the full refund but mine didn't even arrived yet...so even more waiting for me..;;
BrainFlush Sucks, sorry you got screwed on this. Hopefully Massdrop issues you a refund or something.
Hey everyone,

Thanks for flagging to us here about this drop, we are aware of this issue and is working with our support, logistics and vendor on it. If anyone that have received their artisan and is unsatisfied with the quality, please contact out support team through your transaction page. Apologies, thank you all.

See my post.
Then kill me.

Maybe I should eat it because it's that toxic to even own. Didn't even try it on my board and my board is a vomit build of artisans.

Who actually said these are ok to distribute or was this a "it's been too long let's just send them out and deal with the repercussions later" kind of thing?

Regardless of your answer or silence.
You know I support you in multiple ways.
But this.
Like seriously.
I'm not sending a support ticket.
Just send me a refund. ;)
Not blaming you directly, I'm blaming MassDrop and Waffle. For reasons already mentioned by others and posted above. Sad.
Yo yo yo reach out to support for a refund :)
Sending you love and regards.
Many sorries. We'll do better.
Please don't do anymore drops with this company unless you can force them into some sort of quality assurance. Holy hell is this disappointing. I just wasted about $40 + shipping to end up receiving two keycaps that don't even fit on the stems they're designed for (just like everybody else, it seems). So not only did we all have to wait the grossly underestimated shipping period, but we all got shafted as well for doing so.

is it even possible to return these anymore
I made a support request, so maybe if we all do it, it will be resolved.