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Walkera F210/3D FPV Professional Racing Drone RTF

Walkera F210/3D FPV Professional Racing Drone RTF

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Help!! I crashed into a water filled ditch over the weekend. After drying out for a few days, the back two motors are malfunctioning. What can I do to get back flying? Here's a video of what's happening: https://youtu.be/L-Q99MNsSN4
I usually fly LOS, I have some Quanum DIY goggles I let the neighbor use when I fly, he likes to ride along.
Anyways, I was in Acro mode, lost my orientation, and did a full-power inverted dive into the cul-de-sac from about 60 feet up. Drone hit the pavement so hard it bounced probably 15 feet back in the air. Walked over, flipped it back right side up, plugged the battery back in, and flew for the rest of the battery. It's durable for an RTF, it gets my approval. If you're not crashing it, you're not flying hard enough.
Oh! Do you still have the cable? If its just the wires that split you might be able to salvage it with some spare wire and solder.
So I bought this one the last time it went up on Massdrop. I ended up crashing it so many times that the video antenna broke off, and then I kept flying and crashing it. This thing is CRAZY fast on a 4s battery, so it's super fun to fly. It's a very durable racing drone, so not a bad choice for beginners. Also not bad is the price, considering everything it comes with. Since I kept flying this thing without its video antenna, the video transmitter burnt out. Now I could replace it, but I kinda wanted to upgrade to a custom build. Unfortunately everything "Walkera" is Proprietary, so I wouldn't be able to really use any of these parts on a custom quad. So that means If I want to expand I have to spend another $400-$600 for an entirely new setup, instead of just getting a new frame and other odds and ends, (which could have been well under $400). Instead of buying this for a beginner drone, what I wish I'd done was build something from scratch, or at least bought a nano drone and hooked it up with a mini FPV setup. Either choice would have saved me some money in the end.

BUT if you want a beginner racing drone, you're ready for something larger than a nano quad, and you don't mind that practically EVERYTHING on this thing is proprietary, this thing is an awesome buy. Seriously I must have crashed this thing near 50 times and it can still fly. Quite a few of those were hard crashes too (like 30+ miles an hour crashes) sure the video antenna and a ton of propellers broke, but it's still modular so you can buy replacement parts. It's also nice that it comes Ready to Fly, so if you're new to soldering you don't have to get your hands dirty yet.
Anyone know where I can get the cable that connects the drone to the FPV camera? The one I found has been on a 1-3 week backorder...for weeks. Mine snapped in half during a crash. Lol
Not sure exactly which cable you need, but here are a few links to places that sell Walkera f210 parts.

Thanks for the links. Its the cable that is pictured with the FPV camera. Only one site has it by itself and it's status is backordered. http://www.walkera-parts.com/walkera-f210-parts/walkera-hm-f210-z-31-cable-connection-cable-for-hd-mini-camera-700tvl.html
Holy crap this thing is fast!! I already cracked one of the landing legs, bent an antenna and put a couple of nicks in the props. This thing is so much fun!!
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How long until it ships
My first drone...Can't wait!!
Me too! I'm super excited.
Have you guys (camdude and mikethetiger) ever flown anything 6 channels or higher? If not, you may want to take it EASY on your first attempts at flight and maybe even try out a simulator like "Liftoff" for PC. This thing is FAST! And although it is fairly durable, you can still crash pretty hard and ruin your quad. Fly safe.