Walkera Runner 250 Pro w/ 800TVL or 1080p Camerasearch

Walkera Runner 250 Pro w/ 800TVL or 1080p Camera

Walkera Runner 250 Pro w/ 800TVL or 1080p Camera

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Anyone know is it mode 1 or mode 2? i.e. Left or right throttle?
Does it actually record video? and if so What Frame-rate?
How does this compare to the $250 Emax Hawk 5?
Currently I cannot find this drop at any price point close to this, with any accessory combination plus shipping. Since this is coming from the manufacture, this drop is steal anyway you buy it.

This is a great drop!

I can't speak to the overall quality of the item, I'm just saying if you want THIS item, you are not going to find a better deal at all!
So is this a good deal?

Is it a good fpv racer?? Are googles any good?
The best fpv racer is one that you build yourself.
So, is there any way to see the video live without getting the goggles?
Yes, you could buy a monitor screen and a receiver
I have this question and I believe it will be an important one.
If we include the backpack, will this ship with the drone and accessories inside the backpack or will it ship as it would normally ship and the backpack aside?

I ask this question because I once bought a drone (not at massdrop) with the backpack addon and they shipped it inside the backpack which was not a hard case backpack or anything of the sorts, I believe it got rocked bad during shipping and the drone came to me in what appeared to be pristine condition, but to this day, there no trimming of the drone or balancing of the propellers that lets me fly this drone as it was supposed to fly, one could argue that maybe I got a bad lemon or it was just a bad drone to buy, but the thought that it was mishandled while shipping (and the drone being inside the soft backpack) never left my mind.
in real racing or training all these top pointing antennas will be smashed out in a first fall
The 800TVL comes standard with a backpack on every other site. They are adding it for 20 bucks making the total $289.99 while you can purchase it online at any other store for $319.


This looks like a great drop but it's only saving about 30 bucks on each purchase. The only perk I noticed was if you got the goggles. Those are $155 online while they are being sold for $115 as an option for this drop. Just some added information for those who are looking at this drone. I have been waiting for a good quality fpv entry racing drone but nothing on massdrop has felt "worth" it so far.
The Helipal w/backpack is the same price as of 10/15/17. $319.
The Helipal Runner is a different version.
Pro(Massdrop) vs. Racer(Helipal)
The Helipal deal WITH goggles includes the Goggle 2 unit whereas the Massdrop deal includes the Goggle 4 unit.
I was going to get the one from Helipal before I saw this but Helipal required me to choose express shipping because of the battery and that was $85. So this one on Massdrop is a great deal for me.
you can get all the accessories for under 500
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